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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassguy_, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. grassguy_

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    What are most of you that are hand canning, using for tips and tip sizes? I have always used the fan T-Jet tips, usually the 8004 or 8005 sizes and mixes at 1gal/K. reason i ask is because though it may work fine for me, some of my guys may move slower or faster and either don't get the best control or too much:rolleyes: Just interested in what most of you find works best for you. do any of you use a pressure regulator on your hand cans to actually control and maintain the needed pressure? thanks in advance for the input!
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    I use 11003 to 11008 depending on if I want to apply 0.5 gallons/M or 2gallons/M. The 110 fan angle sprays finer for better coverage, however the drift is not worse than an 80 because you can run the tip closer to the ground. I use an adjustable non-relieving regulator before the wand. These tips are designed to work between 25-40PSI. Don't know about your pesticides enforcement division in your state, but mine likes the fact that I am applying at a defined pressure instead of a guess. Operating pressure and type of tip used is part of the application record I keep. For many herbicides, a fan tip operated at a specific pressure is part of the label instructions.
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    On hand cans it depends on the material. For gly I have XR8003 or 4 I can't remember. One can I use almost entirely for Liriope and I use an 8005EVS. For turf spot spot spraying I use an XR8004 with the Solo pressure regulator (the white one with springs to adjust).

    Green, What kind of regulator are you using?
  4. grassguy_

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    from Ohio
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    We currently don't have any regs here require to state pressure used etc, only the amount of material and area treated, but i assume that will be eventually coming down the pipeline. What regulator are you using and where do you get them? I think AM Leonard usually carries some in the catalog, just wasn't sure how good they were. I've used the 11003-11005 and like the spread on them but not sure i want to trust my guys to keep them close enoguh to the ground so as not to allow for drift. I do like them though, especially for large areas.

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