Hand held blowers Echo vs Stihl

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by ecrew, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. green monster

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    Oh, and is Runnings Farm and Fleet not a big box store?
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    The internal components used in the manufacture of the engine determine if its commercial or residential, things like chrome cylinders, single or dual compression rings, stainless mufflers and adjustable carbs.
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  3. green monster

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    CGAENGINEER, 300 hours is defined as "Commercial" by the EPA. How many f#@&*g times do I have to say this? THE EPA!!! Not ECHO ... Not Stihl ... Not Husqvarna ... Not RedMax ... Not Shindaiwa ... Not Kawasaki ... THE EPA!!! Got It?

    Why would these manufacturers put a 50 hour / Category C (homeowner as defined by the EPA) label on their equipment if it met the commercial / Category A (300 hour) standard? Because it is the law! They have to! Again ... GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!
  4. cgaengineer

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    I have no need to go to a dealer and look at Stihl...its all I own. Chainsaws, trimmers, edgers, hedge trimmers, tillers, and blowers...all Stihl, some homeowner and some commercial...none have been replaced or ever back to dealer for warranty work...none, zippo, notta...

    Around here its all Stihl...they dominate the market around here...I rarely see Echo used unless its a homeowner.
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  5. to all the people that keep saying that all echo is commercial, please go to home depot and take a good look at that junk. Also echo merged with shindaiwa because they were not strong enough companies. Redmax merged with husqvarna because they were not a strong enough company. Redmax, echo, and shindaiwa will suffer poorly because their quality will continue to decline. Stihl stands alone, because they make quality products, they are a strong company, and they will never sell out. They are number 1 for a reason. That is a Fact
  6. 1984buzzard

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    The epa requires equipment builders to maintain a certain emissions score based on the emissions of the equipment they sell. Example: if a company makes a certain amount of low emission equipment they can sell more high emmision equipment
    Echo merged with shindiawa= shindiawa has 4 stroke low emission engines
    redmax and husq= husg makes low emission mowers (honda, kawi engines)
    Stihl makes 4 mix engines so they can contunue to sell cat B and c equipment. The mergers were to meet epa rules not because of quality!

    as far as warranties go 90% of warranty related failures happen within the first month and most of the rest within a year.

    base your buying decision on dealer location, dealer service or part availbilty.

    by the way I prefer echo, but have stihl also. I can't say one is much better than the other.
  7. cgaengineer

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    It appears that the Echo warranty and the Stihl warranty are exactly the same for commercial use which is 2 years.
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  8. Kennedy Landscaping

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    I prefer my STIHL stuff
  9. DodgeGuy18

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    Back to the original post, I purchased a Stihl BG 55 around 5 years ago to use as a backup for my backpack blowers. Even though I very rarely use it (probably less than 20 hours so far), the think is shot; It takes over 12 pulls to start, stalls frequently, lacks blowing power, and runs erratically. I will admit that, when it was new, it was one of the most powerful handheld blowers that I have ever used. However, even when it was brand new, it was hard to start, and only got worse over time. Multiple trips to the dealer in which they replaced the carburator, spark plug, and rings had no effect.

    In contrast, I have an Echo SRM-210 which I purchased at Home Depot 8 years ago for $199. The SRM-210 was Echo's bottom-of-the-line trimmer and was only marketed for light commercial/heavy residential use! It has been used on 20+ lawns a week since I purchased it, still runs perfectly, and starts on the first pull! It has never been in the shop, and I have never even replaced the air filter or spark plug!

    I won't even discuss my Stihl BR 380.....
  10. zak406

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    I talked to my independant dealer before i bought my echo pb 251, it was between that the echo 255 and the stihl bg 85. I was told that the 255 is there commercial handheld, however most landscapers buy the 251 because its a. cheaper and b. only difference is the blower tubes. (the 255 comes with a round and a crimped). If i had the money i would have gone with the stihl bg 85 just because i own everything else stihl, stihl has never let me down, and my dealer is amazing.... Now with that being said i am impressed with my 251, enough to make me switch from stihl to echo? No. My dealer for stihl is 100x better..... Like i said cash was my issue and for the price you cant beat the echo 251

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