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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RigglePLC, Nov 26, 2007.

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    American, and everybody. I think the miniature hand sprayers are so convenient for spot spraying. Like this:

    Lesco has a similar version, but I could not find it on their website. I use about an ounce of weed killer, plus a little wetting agent. So small I can carry about four (with different products), in a little cubby-hole in my pickup. I often carry one on my spreader. I also usually carry one on my Permagreen for spot spraying narrow spots and near flowers. I am planning on enlarging the Permagreen spray bottle caddy, so I can carry it with me more easily.

    I usually prefer the smaller, one-quart size--about 7 dollars at Home Depot, and only about $3.00 at Family Dollar Store. I am cheap--so what.
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    I am currently using a backpack sprayer and go around all driveways, flower beds and sidewalks.

    I have never used the spray bottle that came with the PG. With using a backpack I have never really figured out why I needed it.

    Would this type of sprayer eliminate the bp, or just supplement it?

    Probably doesn't go very far with being such a small volume does it?

    I am always looking for ways to improve and be more effecient!

    Thanks for your help!
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    Creech and interested parties,
    the one-quart pump up would supplement the backpack sprayer. My backpack just takes up to much room in my pickup. For the one-qt, I mix it a little more concentrated and keep the pressure fairly low. It is sort of a low volume thing. More weedo and less water. Covers about 200 to 400 sqft.

    In late summer I have one with Drive, another contains Manage, another contains Surge.
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    I like the wand better. It gives much more range, less bending over, and MUCH more accuracy. I use backpacks, but even a small 1 gal sprayer w/ a wand seems it would be much easier to use than this. I CAN see it being carried on the PG, though. I use the bottle provided with the PG, myself. As a matter of fact, I have two on the unit. I use one to carry specialty products like Drive.
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    Actually with the hand held pump up sprayer, you are pumping up and using the same pressure; it sprays just as far--10 feet if you need it--shoot from the hip--no need to bend down. Twist the nozzle to adjust from mist to stream--or in between.

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