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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. grassmasterswilson

    grassmasterswilson LawnSite Platinum Member
    from nc
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    Anyone got good recommendation for a small chest or hand spreader? Looking for something to spread fire ant bait or snap shot type products.
  2. wildstarblazer

    wildstarblazer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Don't laugh but I use one of those hand held Scotts type you can get from Lowes and Depot. They work great and are solid. I never used a chest pack but they just look uncomfortable and a lot of trouble to put on and get going.
  3. Cadzilla

    Cadzilla LawnSite Senior Member
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    Everyone who is cool that I know uses one of these including but not limited to myself. It fits in the rear tray of a Z-Max too, holds twenty pounds or so and is bulletproof and cheap in my opinion at 80 bucks. I use mine every day on smalls, tight spots, medians etc and have had the same one for three years.

    Honestly? I have a brand new stainless steel Lesco spreader with the deflector and third hole shutoff handles and haven't used it since I bought this thing other than to spread some seed now and then.

  4. Sprinkler Buddy

    Sprinkler Buddy LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Florida
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    I use a small Earth Way hand spreader to spread rye grass seed in tight places, sure it would work well also for your needs.
  5. grassman177

    grassman177 LawnSite Fanatic
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    used to buy the scotts until they cheapened them up so much i could not get them to last more than half a day. DONT go that route. we now have the ones linked by cadzilla, and they are totally awesome.
  6. jbturf

    jbturf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i use the solo chest spreader also. it has a very good adjustable pattern.
    couple things i dont like about though-
    -its very akward walking a slope with it
    -your right hand/arm get covered in product
    -the on/off slide sticks , ive snapped the little lever off a few times,
    i suggest a regular shot of pb or wd on the outside of it - it helps tremendously

    ive used mine for 3 yrs now, the only parts its needed are the on/off lever, and the little rate adjust knob (my fault it -it loosens and falls off easy)

    handheld i like the scotts best, nice spread, but short lived.

    still waiting for that elusive commercial duty handheld to be made
  7. Cadzilla

    Cadzilla LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 903

    Ditto. It definitely needs cleaning now and then and some lubrication helps although I haven't broken the levers yet.

    On hills I grab the left side underneath and tilt it up as I crank but yeah it sucks.

    I also don't recommend spreading dylox or dusties. You can run into some exposure issues.
  8. precision8m

    precision8m LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 349

    I have the earthway one but it is awkward. Would love to hear about a good one.

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