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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by RSKY, Dec 12, 2003.

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    Recently the building in which I stored all my lawn and garden tools burned. We think the lawn mower gas tank exploded. Most of the tools were older but high quality. The insurance company will replace on a 1-to-1 basis. I have my list made out and I just need to ask the ‘experts’ what brands to look for.

    First, what brand of hand tools would you consider to be the best. I am leaning toward Fiskars or Corona for the pruners and loppers. That is what I had before but is there another brand that I should look at? The shovels and other hand tools were mostly Craftsman or True Temper. Is there another brand that I should look at for these?

    Next, the power tools, trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, and pole saws. I have pretty well made up my mind on these. Lawnsite has great info. The Shindiawa brand looks good for the trimmer and pole saw. Redmax has a good reputation on hand held blowers. And I guess Husky for the 20” bar chainsaw. Don’t want to start a war here so just tell me if you have had a bad experience with a brand.

    Finally, some advice. Check your insurance coverage on your outbuildings. Just roughly figure out how much it would take you to buy replacements for everything. Not how much it is worth due to age but how much to go out and buy all new equipment. You will be shocked at how many dollars you have in that little storage shed. I am covered but this was only an 8’ x10’ building. If my larger shop had burned neither it, nor the contents, could not be replaced with the coverage I had. Also just take your camera out to your sheds and take a picture. This will help you remember what you had stored in it. I had not done this but had recently moved things around in preparation for the winter. And I still left a couple of items off my first list.

    Thank you for your time and opinions.

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    RSKY, very sorry to hear about your loss. I plan to do just what you said and take a couple dozen snaps with the digital camera.

    All the brands that you mentioned IMO are good brands. I have standardized on Stihl hand power tools and have been happy. Their chain saws are thought by many to be the best. I've called them a couple of times and felt that they were helpful. But then again, if Stihl is the company that you had a bad experience with, go ahead and disregard. :)

    Best of luck.
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    For the hand held blower you won't go wrong with the Stihl BG 85 I have one and it kicks, for a 20" bar the Husqavarna 372XP don't judge a chain saw by the bar length,diawa ex choice for the trimmers.

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