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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jrblawncare, Jul 3, 2000.

  1. steveair

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    Hello,<p>I think I just saw those 'pruners' you are talking about. Are they made by Corona?<p>In the last couple of months, I've been seeing pruners/lopping shears go for 80 to 120 bucks. A LOT of money, but man are they nice! Built like bolt cutters.<p>I've gone through too many of the $20-30 dollar &quot;contractor grade&quot; models in my life, and think I will bite my teeth real hard and by a pair of these. <p>steveair<br>
  2. paul

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    Look for Felco pruners they are the best made with replaceable blades and they even have replacement parts for them. One pair should last forever.<p>----------<br>paul<br>
  3. jaclawn

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    I own a few of those high dollar tools. Are they worth it? Depends. You won't know the difference till you actually use it. It is kinda like comparing a Caviler to a Caddilac, they both accomplish the same task(transportation) but the Caddilac jusst seems to be a bit more pleasurable to operate. <p>
  4. trimmer

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    yeah! Kind of like a hooker.
  5. osc

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    What about mechanic's tool such as wrenches and sockets? This is where I personally like Sears for the money. What do you guys use and how elaborate is your set of tools?
  6. Ssouth

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    OSC<br>As far as mechanics tools I carry a portable 90 piece ratchet set made by Husky. I picked it up at Home Depot for $42. The tools have a lifetime warranty (like Craftsman. The set includes a 1/4,3/8,and 1/2&quot; ratchet along w/ a 1/4 driver. I also have a set of 8 Craftsmen ratchet wrenches ( they work well), a dozen screwdrivers, several sets of pliers, a portable vise, three types of tape, lots of pull ties, and a hacksaw and sledge hammer for the problems that I can't fix. I carry many more tools with me, too many to list, but the ones listed are the most frequently used. <br>As far as hand tools I use the best I can find. <p>Ssouth<br>
  7. snow

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    About the tool sets, for my birthday i got a 207 piece sears mechanics set. this tool set was going for $199 in sears's industrial catalog. i saw a flier in the paper on sale for $169, i called the indsutrial sales division and they cannot offer the same price.It has more tools than i know what to do with and all the tools have their own plastic drawers which are molded for only the tools that is supposed to fit in the place. i went to sears.com and ordered it. the set came earlier than expected, and i also could track the status of it. I also want to get a set of the craftsman quick wrenches and the pliers that automatically adjust to the nut size.<p>Bryan<p>----------<br><br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.snowplow.web.com&quot;&gt;The Snowplow Homepage&lt;/a&gt;
  8. gene gls

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    I am rough on hand tools,especially handles.I look for certian styles of tools more so than brands or price.When it comes to pruning tools I am sold on Florian brand, just love the ratchet-cut. I carry the the small hand set in a belt case every day.
  9. Toddppm

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    I've broken too many home depot tools to buy anymore, even the fiberglass handle ones. Broke a maddox head off last month. The iron they use is junk. My old steel one is great wish i could find another.Haven't tried sears for hand tools yet might have to try. The felcos are the beast pruners i've used, corona makes one similar but not the same quality i don't think. Got a demo Florian maxi lopper on ebay , That is an awesome pruner! that price is hard to handle but worth it.
  10. thelawnguy

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    barkleymut, lifetime warranty or not, it still sux to have to drop what youre doing cuz you broke a handle. they all break, even steel, just how long you can go before the inevitable.<p>Bill

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