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Hand warmers for cold days


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McMurray, PA
Today was the coldest of the season - started out at 19, but never rose above 33 or so. The early morning was a trip to the dump to unload yesterday afternoon's work, then to some clearing of leaves, and then mowing this afternoon. The air was dry, no frost, so I did not feel mowing at 30-33 was a problem.

But ... on the last leg, 4:00 to 5:15 when darkness set in, my hands got very cold! I was on my Exmark, pistol grips. The operation does not require much finger/hand motion, and the fingers just stick out, sucking the cold from the handle. I have double gloves, jersey cotton gloves inside leather gloves. I've tried insulated gloves in the past, but they don't seem to help.

Anybody have suggestions on how to keep hands warm for these cold day mower operations?

Has anybody used hand warming pads that somehow insert into gloves? I think I've seen them in the ads for sporting good stores, intended for hunters. I think they are one-time use -- somehow they are activated to produce some heat, but it dwindles and then are useless.

I have had this problem in other Fall mowing operations, and expect to be out for many more days like today.

P.S. When doing leaf removal, that is raking, blowing, hauling tarps, etc, I seem to be OK. The problem is hanging on to the mower handles.


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Northern KY
I have the same mower, and the same problem lately. I've only been wearing the leather gloves, and my fingers have gotten to the point that I have to stop and go to the truck to warm them up.


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Nashua, NH
Was thinking the EXACT same thing while running my exmark with ecs this afternoon, i don't have a truck to warm up in, i had to deal with it and that wasn't fun! So im going to really keep my eye on this thread!!


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Maybe you could retrofit the handwarmer handles that are put on snowblowers and atv's and snowmobiles, etc.


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I'm not sure if this would work.. might create too much back pressure, maybe restrorob can chime in. Maybe you could modify your exhaust with an extension pipe that would run back up and exhaust at your hands... Hmm.. nevermind, gas tank is right there so that might be a bad idea. But if your hands get cold and you wanna warm em up, hold em over the muffler exhaust and warm em up a little and then go back to work.


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they are called hot hands you can get them at walmart or just abought any sporting goods store. they work for up to eight hours they also have toe warmers for your boots. we use them when we calve in january usally below zero and lots of snow and blizzards here in south dakota. they work great if you put them in your coat pocket you can feel the heat on your body. but it up to you guys to figure out how to operate your mower with one hand lol

you can buy them in bulk at www.sportsmanguide.com


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Morgantown, WV
Roger, we get these gloves from Atlas Glove company that are nitrile rubber coated and are made for wet weather. We wear them in this kind of weather , and the rubber fingers and palm help for traction in frosty / icy conditions. Try their website, I can't remember the exact name of the glove design. They are a cotton woven glove, dippped in the rubber. Very comfortable and warm.

hole in one lco

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rocky river ohio
get the hot packs from home depot. i put my hands on the exhaust if they get cold . and the best secret of all rubber gloves like the doctors use. For winter put grocery bags in your boots so you socks dont get wet


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Kent, OH
i put bread bags on my feet certain days in winter. keep foot dry, plus they will keep your warmth in, my feet do not sweat much so they do not get to hot.