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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Yardchitech, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Yardchitech

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    Does anyone here charge a flat rate of 10$ a sq ft for LABOR on installing patios, and then add material on top? I have impeccable craftsmanship with stone work and guarantee my work. My issue is getting the prices right and making profit.

    I charged 7k for a 500 sq patio, with a 20ft seating wall and small fire pit.

    Im afraid to charge too much, but really, what IS too much? Could i have charged 13k? Im just looking for ball park figures to see if I am even close.

    I rent the skidsteer also. 300 a day.
  2. dieselfuel

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    The local, larger, regional landscaping company offered this special last fall:
    150 sf hollandstone patio
    4x4 firepit
    seat wall with cap on two sides of patio
    2 pillars with cap

    And I've compared some of my prices to the other local guys and they were charging as low as $10/sf for labor AND materials, on a cheap paver job.
  3. Yardchitech

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    I am wayyy off course here!
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    Stop renting by the day. It's cheaper by the week. And cheaper by the month.
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  5. Yardchitech

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    With stone work being random incoming jobs, it is very hard to rent longer. I get 2-3 hardscapes a year. I don't advertise for it, I should. I understand pricing, though I think I'm missing on things I should charge and include into the bid. Do I charge for bobcat rental, if so, how much per hour/day?
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  6. jbailey52

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    You do 'charge' for the skid steer, but it is not a direct Charge to the customer that they see. It is included in your overhead numbers... Just like when you goto shop rite and buy a box of lucky charms, you are paying $5 a box... Your paying for the trucking to the store, the packaging, marketing etc... But that isn't on your receipt.

    With lowering your overhead you are able to do two things
    1) increase your profit
    2) lower your price to consumer (if you want)
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  7. MJK

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    for a 500 sq patio, with a 20ft seating wall and small fire pit we would be around $7,300; so the 7k you charged is fair for both you and the customer.
  8. CNYScapes

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    $7K for that is cheap if you were in my area. I would get $7500 just for 500sq ft patio then the sitting wall and fire pit would probably be another $2500 so about $10k job total - we probably do 15-20 jobs like this per year
  9. FLCthes4:11-12

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    I always price by the job and not sq ft, but here in GA it normally works out to 8-$10 a foot for Holland or cambridge type pavers or $12+ for dublin or higher end. Most folks around here wont go higher end then dublin because at that price they can have flagstone. The rental cost will KILL profits on a hardscape job. I dont know how to tell you to be able to overcome that other than pick up tools and equipment over time when you run up on a deal. If you are in the install business at all you need one main piece of equipment tractor, mini skid, skid steer. Then rent an excavator or track loader if the job permits.
    BTW i re-read your post I would have had to be around 10k unless i was real hungry

    When I first got started about 14 years ago I bought on my own a brand new NewHolland tractor 33hp hydrostat, 4wd with frontend loader. My first hardscape job i broke the ground up with my tiller scraped with a blade then scooped spoils with bucket and shoveled rest. Could move gravel around and atleast break down pallets and get block where i needed it. Point of that was the tractor cost me $300 bucks a month in payment. I still had to rent some equip at times but i could make do alot of times with what i had.
  10. twomancrew

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    I'll reverberate what I was talking about in another thread today.

    I was getting spanked trying to hardscape when I started mowing years ago. The equipment, knowledge, and experience I do not have. I thought it would be just like pavers I did at my own house. It is not.

    I take my hat off to you guys that know this stuff and can make money doing it. Looking back my lawn mowing was making up for the landscaping losses.

    I spend time sleepless wondering when those walls I built are gonna come down and how much of a creek I will be up when they do. That's tough to say out loud on a lawn forum.

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