handheld blower mount/rack


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I have used the search feature and come up empty.

I want to know if you guys have come up with a homemade rack to mount your handheld blower to your trailer. I do not think that there is a company that makes one. If I am wrong let me know.

I want to keep as much equipment off the trailer floor as possible.

So if you have made one or have any cool ideas let me know.


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Columbus, NE
Trimmer trap sells a holder for handheld blowers. It also holds chain saws and hedge trimmers.
I have seen plastic milk crates mounted on trailer fenders with a notch in the side for the tube.
I found some wire milk crates and will be mounting two of these to my trailer fender soon.

Here's a pic of the one I mounted last fall.



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how many people use this method? anyone have any complaints about it? might use it for the back of my truck

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