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  1. Schrock Lawns

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    I'm in a Delima the one dealer I started buying stuff from is dropping redmax cuz they don't get a big enough discount and I was going to switch to redmax but now their saying I should get huskvarna because its better or I could go to my mower dealer and buy stihl, anybody got opinions on what I should do ? Or basiclay I'm asking what's better husky or stihl
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  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Redmax and the Husq is the same company now
  3. Colaguy

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    Buy Stihl.
  4. Ridin' Green

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    I own/run both. I love my Husky 570 blower and trimmer, but I like my Stihl stuff too. Husky owns Redmax, and the blowers are the same thing with slightly different accoutrement's, but the trimmers are still different from Husky to RM. I love the sound of my 4 mix trimmer and all the torque, but I don't like the way the throttle is hard to feather up and down on them compared to a 2 stroke. I understand they have changed the throttle cable system to make it smoother now though. I have has exceptionally good luck with my Stihl stuff over the years, and Husky has been awesome too. Can't go wrong with either one IMO.

    The Husky 223L and 323L are the two best all around trimmers you can buy for power and weight, and the 323 is the number one trimmer IMO. A little more HP than the 223 and a solid drive shaft, but the same weight- 9 lbs.
  5. Arena landscaping

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    I personally love redmax I run them allot and I love them
  6. C Johns

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    Stihl is the way to go
  7. lawnguy27

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    Stihl is my favorite, but im starting to have better luck with Shindaiwa.
  8. Choppin

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    Stihl is as good as any and better than most...
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  9. WillsLandscape

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    What about ECHO? The newest Echo trimmer we own is 11 years old and it starts on 2 pulls. My SRM-2601 starts 1 pull usually. Our SRM-3100 seems to be indestructible and impossible to wear it out to the point of needing to replace it. I've also got my FS90R that's pretty good, I'd recommend it, but not as much as the Echos.
  10. Choppin

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    I'm not sayin there all bad tools but I had a 265 echo trimmer burn up in a year and they didn't warranty it and now I have another echo trimmer that misses all the time.... I gave echo a try... So far my 770 echo backpack has been flawless and cranks very easy.... They didn't warranty the trimmer because they said the air filter was dirty.... I had done changed it once after I had it six months...
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