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    I am currently bidding some commercial properties in my area that I have not bid in the past for lawn mowing for the coming 2018 season. These potential customers of mine did not seek me out and I have not contacted them to ask if they are accepting or advertise that they take lawn mowing bids. However, I do have lawn bids prepared for them, which I prepared for them late fall while the grass the was still green and I could make out property lines and the scope of work ahead of me.

    That being said in the coming days, I plan on going to these places of business and walking in and handing in my neat folder with the logo on the front with an enclosed flyer, business card, company letter, references and of course the bid itself. My problem is though everything is in the folder about me, how do I present it to the potential commercial client and/or secretary and make sure this bid goes where it needs to and has its intended effect. Thoughts please!!
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    It's one of those things, if they aren't looking for a bid or are happy no one will look at it. Just like your business getting cold calls from suppliers, lenders, website developers. If your not interested you don't look or listen.
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    Handing all your info to whom?
    They have no idea who handles the property.
    Should spend more time finding out who controls the bids then just making up a bid for whatever you think they want
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    So when you hand in your bid, it’s JUST like walking around with resumes for a job.
    You don’t know if they’re hiring but, here you are!

    Same thing
    My advice is to get it to them early so you don’t miss a bid opening date you don’t even know about.

    When handing your bid in, it’s typically not received by the decision maker, just a clerk or receptionist, so that lady has no idea you weren’t “invited”
    So just act like they’re expecting your numbers.
    Then act like you lost the dudes number and ask the lady at the counter for his contact info again.

    Then call and follow up a little later.
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    He doesn’t know that tho
    So, the answer is always no, if the question isn’t asked.
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    This is true
    Your bid might not meet their specs
    It should get you in front of/noticed by someone at least.
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    I've always found that a small treat (little four pack of chocolates, donuts etc) helps tremendously when it comes to getting past the "gatekeeper"

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    As stated I'd do some more research.

    I had someone tell me years ago they have a job for me at a commercial building, just go in there you'll get the job, I told him all about you, blah blah

    I went there same day and they had no idea who I was, and I'd have to track the GM down for any work.

    The job was botched up a few weeks later.
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    I have spent a lot of time making phone calls, emails, leaving messages etc.. to the people whom are suppose to be the ones who are in charge of making the decision on who to hire for the lawn mowing. But the reality is they never return the messages, calls, and/or emails. So I would rather hand in a bid from what I see is being done for work on the property each year than not.

    It has been extremely difficult to both find and talk to the right person.

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