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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by redbuckcavs, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. redbuckcavs

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    I finally started my advertising campaign for the spring, going door to door handing out my flyer's (fert and squirt only) In two days I've hung approx 600 and have already learned the following!!!

    After the first day I returned to the same area and noticed half of my flyers were still in the door (obviously nobody uses their front door anymore) so today after leaving my flyer's I would ring the doorbell and walk away. Most homeowners hate being bothered by a salesman, therefore I leave, yet I know they receive my information.

    Would anyone recommend calling on these homeowners in a few days ... I already have their address & pricing, now I could search the Internet for their phone number and give a quick call (hey we left a flyer in your front door and did you have a chance to look it over?)
  2. Raven386

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    I would be more annoyed that someone ding-dong ditched me :laugh:. so yea I dont think ringing the doorbell and leaving is a good idea, you would be surprised how effective talking to people face-face is. I would def. not call people either...
  3. humble1

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    DO NOT CALL LIST, check or you can get fined
  4. GravelyGuy

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    I figured I would start with flyers around the beginning of March. Don't you still have snow on the ground?
  5. redbuckcavs

    redbuckcavs LawnSite Member
    from indiana
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    yes, we still have snow on the ground. Last year I waited until early March and some homeowners said the were already committed for the year and they wished I wouldv'e "showed up" a few weeks earlier before they sent in their prepayment.

    This is the worst time of the year to understand what is going on in the homeowners head.... with snow on the ground MOST homeowners arent thinking about their lawn, yet others have already prepaid another company
  6. Whitey4

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    Man, you must be one fast lil bugger to get that many out so fast! I can do about 50 to 60 an hour, and that means walking about 10 to 12 miles in three hours. That's my limit. Up and down porches, no stopping or sitting, no breaks. So, I get about 180 out a day.

    I look for the mailbox, and find a place near it, but not in or on it, to leave my door hangers. People check their mail every day. It's early here, but Scotts and those national companies send their contracts out early. I definitely would not ring and leave, that would get me pretty annoyed.

    I also let the weather dictate... too much wind or rain/snow, I don't go out. They get blown away or get wet. So far, I have about 600 out, another 1400 to go. The first call I got came 3 days after I left the hanger. Two days later, had my first new customer of the year, full apps, mowing, pruning, aeration, overseeding and maybe some annual installs. Should be a $2k account this year, and it's only 2.1M of turf and 1M of beds. Needs renovation.

    If you are early, if people are looking to make a change, they will keep the door hanger. I don't think you can do this too early. I want a tight route, so I might hit the same houses again in March.

    One account for full service for me is like getting 3 or 4 for you folks that don't do miantenance. I can get some growth regulator apps and ornamental ferts that some of you might miss because I will be on the property every week. Man, I wish I was a marathoner, and could do 20 miles a day getting 350 done .... I can mow all day with some breaks between stops, but door hangers beat the crappie out of me.
  7. redbuckcavs

    redbuckcavs LawnSite Member
    from indiana
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    I pass the flyers with my partner. We park the truck and he heads South on one side of the street,and retuns on the opposite side of the street heading north. and I do just the opposite. He always complains that I somehow manage to park where he has to complete 30 houses to my 20:laugh:
  8. redbuckcavs

    redbuckcavs LawnSite Member
    from indiana
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    When I continue to hand out my flyers in the next town. I'm thinking about adding an insert to my flyer that contains the names of all my customer in that particular town. When a homeowner sees the list of names they may be more inclined to call because they may know someone on my list.

    The downside of the "customer list" is somehow my competitor will get his hand on this list and start calling MY customers and "low ball" me
  9. Whitey4

    Whitey4 LawnSite Silver Member
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    I don't think that is legal either, without consent of the customers on that list. In fact, I know it isn't. You can talk about how many customers you have, and use them as regerences if they agree, but putting out a list by name? Bad idea.
  10. Rayholio

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    Try this.. ring the door bell, and wait.. when they answer the door, hand them the flier, and say "Hello, I'm Ray from GreenScape.. I wanted to see if you had any questions about your lawn that I could help you answer?" (use your own name for best results)

    this will allow them a dialog if they want it, and it allows them a quick way out, if they don't. most people will say no thanks.. and you'll be on your way.. and hopefully with a good impression. :)

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