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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by fivestarlandscapes, May 31, 2018.

  1. fivestarlandscapes

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    I have a small operation just myself and one full time employee. We have 3 full days of mowing each week. We only have 2 days a week that we could potentially do landscaping work. I have no time for extras that come up out of the blue. People just expect that they are my only customer and it will be immediately done when in reality im booked out for a month. The only stress in my business is the "extras" that are not consistent and come up out of the blue with no warning. My mowing routes are densly packed, easy and profitable. Im not sure what direction I need to go in.
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  2. Johnny79

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    We cut 4 days then do the extra work Friday and Saturday. If it rains 1 day then it might get pushed back to the next week end. We try and do the important or pita customers first. My main thing is finishing all my cuttings first then extras at end of week.
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  3. arl250

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    I encountered the same issue this year after being in business 15 years I’ve got my route like I want it however we had 5full days of mowing and no time for extra work so after really debating on what to do I ended up dropping a few mowing customers and got it back to 4 days a week mowing still tough though it’s hard to get a lot of extra work done in a day. I usually don’t work Saturday unless we get behind mowing. Between the farm and kids I have way to much to do at home.
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  4. Kennedylawns

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    Can you trust your guy to do all the mowing in his own and you handle the extras ? I run three mowing days a week then do extras on the “off” days myself but I don’t mind doing the extras solo if my guy has a full week of mowing.
  5. OP

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    Kennedy Lawns, thats a great idea. Even if he could go do some lawns solo it would help. Im not sure if I should start saying no to the extras. It took me 8 years to build my mowing routes. I try to accommodate every customer and try to be a one stop shop for their landscaping needs. I will just have to keep grinding and get it all done i guess
  6. smallyardman

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    I always try to do projects for my customers. Don't want to lose out then have other guy lure them away from mowing. Do what it takes
  7. hort101

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    People's expectations are out of control this year :dizzy:
    it's been a rocky start lots of storm debris:wall

    And everyone is out straight this time anyway worse this year

    Time to pick and choose what you want to take on for projectsThumbs Uppayup
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  8. Matthews Lawn Care

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    I just keep scheduling those jobs 4-6 weeks out. If they want to wait, I’ll do it. If they are in a hurry, they can find someone else. No need to stress, if your busy enough to be 4-6 weeks out on side jobs and your mowing route is tight and full, I’d say your doing just fine. Remove the drama man, you don’t want every job anyway.
  9. BigJlittleC

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    This is how I do it. I'm up front with the client on expected start date. They either wait or find someone who isn't as booked.
  10. Charles

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    I just sub out large extra work. Recommend someone and let them deal directly with them, so I am not responsible. Someone I trust not to try and steal my customers. I used to do everything.
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