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Handling customer phone calls

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Hi all,

I wonder how you manage customer phone calls if you are a one person or small operation without having somebody dedicated to answering phone calls while you are out on the job.

Are your customers ( potential ones in particular ) happy to leave messages on your answering machine or do you get a lot of 'hang-ups' and no message because people hate talking to answering machines?

Are your customers happy with calling your mobile/cell phone? Or is that a real turn off resulting in potential customer loss?

How do you manage? What is the best phone setup given that employing a person to answer phones is not an option?

I'm currently considering using a paging system so that customers do get a human at the other end and are therefore more likely to leave me a message.

What are your experiences and how do you solve your communication needs?

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I just have a message on my cell. Noone seems to have any problems.
divert your home phone to mobile is the best then you just use your home phone on all your flyers and adverts people prefer to ring hoem than mobile mate
Do some searches here for phones/phone calls. I believe you'll find a mix of suggestions that offer a split between answering machines and cell phones, and some with answering services for methods. You'll also find numerous suggestions that may be worthwhile for you.
Hi Ozi_Brisbane,

Most of our customers have their business line forwarded to their cell when they are out in the field as well. It seems to be standard practice.

Here is a link you may want to read.
I use a paging system with voicemail... it was $69 for the year.. I figured the pager would be great since I can leave a profesional greeting and let them leave a message...

I feel if your price is right and do a great job they will leave a message... so far Ive only received one call tho, but I have only had the number 2 weeks... and I just started passing out flyers...

I didnt want customers calling and bothering me at the house, so instead of paying $50 plus on a cell phone a month I would get the pager...
got a cell phone with caller i.d. and voice mail. use travel time to call them back, even if they do not leave a message, i get the # from the i.d. and return the call.
answering machine with caller id if i am in my office and i c a customer name calling i can pick it up if not the machine gets it and records the time and date.
cell phones drop to many calls and that upsets the customers calling to be hung up on.
When I am home or in the office, pick up the phone. Not there the machine will get it. Always return calls in the evening.

Only the commercials have my cell #. Most the time I would not hear it anway. If I am on the site. I am busy and would rather not be on the phone.
I have a Cell phone and a Office phone with Caller ID and Voice Mail...

Voice mail is great because you can cheack it anywhere
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