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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, Dec 16, 2011.

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    Maybe some of you that have lived here your whole life do not understand me on this, but, what the hell is with all the handy men here in FL. I have never lived were I have seen so many, of course I am from the midwest originally and I guess people just fixed things themselves more and of course mowed there lawn themselves more.

    This business structure fascinates me down here. I see them all over with signs on their trailers advertising irrigation, drywall, plumbing and a world of other services.

    I guess my question is - who regulates them? Do they hold all the licenses generally to operate all that they do? I know that they pay a higher license fee for their business license than we do locally as one was doing it at the same time I was this year.

    It just interest me I guess because they essentially are doing everything under the sun with one license. I only know one personally and he has been in business for a very long time now and has a loyal following. His rate is $55 a hour and he has people call him all the time for stuff which just blows my mind. He is at the point now with his business that he essentially is a property manager for many clients he has obtained over the years and just oversees everything that he has subbed out all while collecting his wage per hour but he still does jobs that he enjoys like hanging xmas lights for certain clients or running wiring for home theaters etc etc.

    Interesting to say the least but I am interested to hear what you guys know about this profession and why it is so popular down here. I could understand the communities which are filled with retirees, but in my neck of the woods that simply is not the case and I bet there is one handyman trailer out there for every two lawn trailers if that tells you how many there are. :laugh:
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    I don't believe there is a "handyman" license in PBC; they have to be licensed and insured for every trade they engage in.
  3. Tri-City Outdoors

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    Limited contractor is a handyman. We maintain it for pressure washing, and landscape renovation. Decks,fences, stairs and so on.
    In volusia county-
    Handyman/repairman/Maintenance Construction Subcontractor can preform the following: Brick mason,cabinetry,carpet,concrete work,decks,drywall, exterior door repair (no installation or replacement),Fence install & repair,Insulation, interior door repair & install, Landscaping (NO IRRIGATION), minor siding repair (no install), Painting, plastering, Pressure cleaning, Screen repair & install, Stucco (decorative only), Swimming pool cleaning ONLY,, Window repair (No install), Wood repair (minor/non-structural/cosmetic) This is not a complete list

    Trades that require a state license: Aluminum, additions, carpentry,Decks(above grade), Door install, Duct cleaning (excluding filter change), Electrical(signs,Ceiling fans,outlets,switches), Fire sprinkler systems, alarms, garage door install, gas(natural or LP), IRRIGATION INSTALL & REPAIR, Marine construction, Plumbing, prefab shed installer, Roof repair & install, Solar. this is not a complete list
  4. Tri-City Outdoors

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    Also there is a 1st offense $250.00 fine for preforming work or advertising for work that requires a state license or county competency card.
  5. gregory

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    yea that'll happen down here...

    i would think the only reason you see so many down here is bc of all of the retired we have down here...
  6. billslawn89

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    mike, i know what you are saying. in my area, there is actually a company called handyman lawn care. now i may be wrong, but seeing what kind of box store mower he has and seeing what kind of job he does on people lawns, horrible, what is his handyman work like...haha..jack of all trades, i guess
  7. Patriot Services

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    I love watching the news when they set up sting operations for all these "handymen".It always goes beyond just being unlicensed. They nab them flat out ripping people off. But then again there are people advertising on CL under "gigs" looking for plumbers and electricians to work for 10 bucks an hour.:usflag:
  8. larryinalabama

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    I often think of doing Handy man work in the winter
  9. Landscape Poet

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    I have never seen this on our local news but would enjoy watching it too.

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