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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn-Sharks, Feb 26, 2008.

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    When i started my business i had to jump throu hoops no one would tell me what i need to start it the rite way but instead it was you cant do that till we have this! well my point im making is that throu all my paces to start my company i have completed everything. And one of the steps i had to do was get a HANG TAG for my truck (more than one hang tag i work in 3 counties) from the code enforcement office i had to show my business license proof of insurance and registration to get this HANG TAG and also with this HANG TAG i have to keep my original Business license with it. this is how it works in florida. But this is what Makes me MAD!! is i see the other lawn companys running around working & making money and they dont have HANG TAGS in their trucks i know their not legit (some are but i can tell the ones that are not) " One Example" (old beat up van 2 guys and pushmowers)i dont mean to rant but i when i see these guy jumping from house to house making all this money and im stairing at my check book trying to figure out how much gas i can afford to spend in my equipment. and i have made phone calls and i still see these guys running around. why dont the people that force this crap on my go force it on them!!!

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