Hangers On Mailboxes...Legal???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by AAATreeLandscape, Feb 4, 2003.

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    I'm planning on running a marketing campain using door hangers. The problem is in my area most houses are set back far from the road and it would take forever to go up to every door. Was thinking of just hanging them on the mailbox to save some time and get the same results. I know putting a flyer in the mailbox is Illegal but is hanging it outside the mailbox? Also if any have tried this please post your results. Thanks!
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    In short, there are many testimonials that say YES, it is highly illegal as long as you are in the good 'ol USA!

  5. I contract part of my advertising distribution. They work on a per piece delivered rate and they will put them in the mail box. They cover all the US. Cost is .23 or .37 depending on the ad size.
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    contact your local post office.It is ilegal to hang anything on the mail box. But some area's might let you tack it on the mail post if it doesnt touch the box.With laws becoming stronger every day we cant even have door hangers anymore here either

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