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  1. Hroesemann

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    New member and also new operator. Lots of seat time on lawn tractors but just bought new zturn.I have about 1 hour in the seat, trying to get familiar with the controls. How long will it take before I can cut in a straight line (no kidding).:)
  2. gardener

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    you will have no problems mastering the controls of your zero trun mower, the straight line may take a few trys. you have to focus beyond the area your mowing, just look ahead - focus on any item where you want to end your straight line and behold, you will have a straight line. just keep your mind off your left and right hand, focus ahead and you will automatically make those small adjustments as you move along.
  3. sikagrass

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    Very steep learning curve with the z.You will be able to do the straight line thing in no time. The problem I seemed to have was with the manuverability Id back into stuff and break it so keep that in mind.
  4. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I agree with gardener. Keep yourself focused on an object ahead of you, and you will almost subconscoiusly make the necessary corrections to keep a straight cut. A few hours in the seat, and you will master it and driving it will be like riding a bike.

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