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    Hey guys, I have been posting on here for thew last two weeks and picking your guys' brains about mowers, and running an efficient lawn business. I am actually a mgr. of shipping/receiving at a metal manufacturing plant that has slowly lost alot of hours and wages due to the global market and the economy.
    This is where I landed here, I have always mowed lawns, I have worked for large businesses as a groundskeeper when I was out of HS and picked up a few res. lawns for some extra cash...but now I am in it as an official business. I heard that a large county bid was coming up and put a bid in...I am a one man show, so I was able to keep my costs pretty conservative and won the yearly contract...I am managing the mowing duties for seven different properties that are commercial, it is alot of work..mainly seat time but will pull me out of the stress of not knowing what will happen to our small metal shop I work at now. I am going to get my wife involved to help me out when I get really busy. My goal is to make this a ful time profession, I live in an area that mows 8 months out of the year so it will work perfectly with my goose guiding that I do during the hunting season...I will continue to ask alot of Newbie questions, if you want real answers about equiptment, you need to ask the guys that use it...not the salesman on the floors...thanks for making me feel welcome.....joe
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    Welcome and I wish you the best of luck.

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