happy as a pig in slop

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  1. Brendan Smith

    Brendan Smith LawnSite Bronze Member
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    well, stayed up way too late again reading this month's issue. just had to say again what a great publication you have. my little girl likes to look at the pics while i read it, asking me what each machine operator's name is :laugh: she fell asleep leaning up against me looking at the pics somewhere around the blower product guide:)
  2. kathyu

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    Now if THAT isn't a recommendation for Turf magazine, I don't know what is! Bonding with the little ones AND reading your favorite magazine....life is good. Thanks for the wonderful imagery Brenden.
  3. TurfEditor

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    Good Night moon.
    Good night room.
    Good night house.
    Good night mouse.
    Good night John Deere.
    Good night Toro.
    Good night man on the Dixie Chopper . . .

    (parents who have read a certain book, as I have, over 1,000 times wil get this joke :) )

    Exec. Editor
  4. Brendan Smith

    Brendan Smith LawnSite Bronze Member
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    that's too funny:laugh: . both of my kids have been in love with that book at some point. glad i'm not the only adult male who has it memorized.

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