Happy customer


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I just picked up new customer.He has been threw 4 companies this summer so was worried about what he was like.I cut his grass today and he called me when he got home and told me what a great job i did and that i will be cutting his grass next year .Just thought i would share this with everybody.


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Flint, Michigan
If he's been through 4 services this year, red flags are going up on this one. Don't invest too much in this. He's gonna tell you how great of a job you're doing at first. This is based on two things.
1. His gratefulness to someone else - ANYONE else doing his lawn than the last guy who's problems MIGHT not have been just quality.
2. His wanting to hook you in because he may like the price or potential to get some other things done without paying what the other guys wanted.
This is just an outside view looking in. I've seen it many of times. The customers that go through many services....there seems to be a pattern. You can talk to many experienced operators on here (or in your area for that matter), and ALL have experienced it or heard of it. Someone mentions a certain customer, and the other says "Yeah, I know so and so!" What a PAIN the person was!"


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Similar to what Runner says, keep your guard up. Keep on top of him about paying. For some reason, this sounds like a customer who pays at first promptly, then starts delaying payment. Suddenly you will become the fifth company he has gone through, when you begin demanding payment for work done.