Happy Fathers Day

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    I want to wish all the Lawnsite Dads a Happy Father's Day and hope you will take time to enjoy your family this Sunday.

    Being a Mom of two wonderful kids (who grew up way too fast), my advice is to enjoy every minute you have with them :).

    On behalf of Ariens/Gravely, I would like to send you this golf pack as a Father's Day gift if you are interested.

    Please send me a private message with your contact information if you want a golf pack mailed to you. Also, if you want to share anything about your kids, please feel free to do so either in this thread or in a private message.


    Mary Lyn

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    Thanks Mary!! I'm not a golfer but I appreciate your offer. Kudos to you and the Gravely company for going above and beyond!!

    Edit: Forgot to mention something about my kiddos! My son Collin is the "Colli" in ColliCut. I also have an older daughter and twin baby girls!!

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