Happy First Birthday Lawnsite.com

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA

Today is one year after launching Lawnsite.com and it has become a great site to learn, share, and make friends. You have a big hit here Chuck and I'm proud to be a member and a moderator of this fine site. May this site go on forever.

I hope others have learned as much as me.


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NE Ohio
Congrats Chuck, Eric , Lazer and all the moderators on the other forums.

I was just thinking that the B-day was coming up soon here, you beat me to the punch. I'm proud to say that I was one of the first members and it's amazing to see how far this site has gone.

Great Job guys, you're all great.. Thanks for giving me a place to hang out and vent :)


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I had not been "on line" long and then I found this site. Its been a real treat to get on here and shoot the poop with everybody. Great site to get real feedback on real issues. Seems like everybody is in the same boat most of the time so it's a good tool to have. I have met some of you face to face and consider myself fortunate to have made new friends, even though we're miles apart!

Everybody keep up the good work, it's been a pleasure visiting!



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This site is what is coolsome about the web!!
It's great feedback from around the country about
our business. It is hard to get local competition
to talk about things. I found out about this from
TURF MAG. Thanks to those who developed and maintain
this site. I hope you efforts are REWARDED

Vibe Ray

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Slidell, LA
Happy birthday!!! Now make a wish...what was it??? 1,939 members in your FIRST year!!! That is truly amazing. Great job everyone!

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WOW, a year already! As Homer said, I've also made friends with a lot of great people on here, and gotten a ton of great info, and hopefully spit some good stuff out myself. I've seen a lot of funny things happen on here, besides the normal antics, there were a few that stuck out:


AOL LIKE LAWN SERVICE PLAN - 24Hours, 7 days a week on call for a rate of 21.95!!!

COMMERCIAL 48" vs. MTD 22" - the guy that was anti-commercial sized mowers and swore you couldn't do a good job with them. He blamed the mower for being "out of control" and took out a small tree!

Anyway, its always been fun around here and its the best learning environment I've found on the web!

Thanks Chuck and Eric, and especially all the members that post regualrly - you guys made this forum what it is today!

Many more happy years to come!


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Flint, Michigan
Incidentally, Dave, whenare you coming mome from Bavariaville?