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    Thank you lawnsite members for your support this year. We appreciate all of your business and wish you and yours a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May 2007 be a prosperous and profitable year for all of us!

    Thank you,
    Mark Kenny
    ProLawn Equipment Sales, LLC
    (772) 229-1690

    P.S. Look forward to our after Christmas specials!


    “I have a prolocker, and can’t remember why I did it any other way”-Great Scotts Lawncare, Orange County, Virginia

    “I am a big believer in securing things to the trailers. I have tried the 2x4 on the deck of the trailer hit a big bump and one of our walk behinds rolled back and bent the gate on the trailer. I have also used the strap concept and when using the small light duty ones broke them after the wear and tear on the straps from being very tight, and I felt the big heavy duty ones were too clumsy and difficult to handle. But with all of that having been said I did use straps until I found PROLOCKER.
    Everyone should use PROLOCKERS. This thing is so quick it saves us at least 5-8 minutes per stop compared to strapping and un-strapping.
    Guys these are awesome and very easy to install and very fast to use.-Robert Ewald, Ewald Enterprises, Inc., Rockford, IL

    “All I got to say is "great investment" You will not be disappointed in Pro Lockers”
    -Something Different Lawn Care, East Tennessee

    “PROLOCKERS are by far the best option, nothing else even comes close. They are built to last FOREVER and take all of 10 seconds to lock and unlock. The cost is higher for sure but once you actually hold one in your hands you will understand why it is one of the best things you can buy for your business. First, they are built to last FOREVER!!! There is no skimping to save money anywhere on this product. Secondly, it will save you a lot of TIME since it only takes about 10 seconds to reach down and unlock your mower and another 10 seconds to lock it up when you’re done. Third, you avoid Murphy's Law of LCO's, that being the one time that you skip strapping your mower so you can get to the next home quicker the cops stop you and give you a ticket for unsecured equipment or worse you have an accident and your mower goes flying off your trailer.” -Indy2tall, Lawnsite.com senior member, Indianapolis, Indiana

    “Just wanted to drop a thread and give props to the guys at PROLOCKERS. I started purchasing prolockers earlier this year through one of their distributors which wasn't easy to find since they were new. I started out with one for the walk behind and a 61" z turn and love them both. I have them installed in my Isuzu box truck and they secure great. I thought they were a little pricy to begin with but now it's a bargain just to keep those walk behinds from rolling around. Thanks again prolockers for bringing this product to us.” -Ryan Bridges, B & B Landscaping & Lawn Service, Albertville, Alabama

    “Mounted one on my trailer last winter and, after using it for 3 months so far, I love it. Quick, easy, trouble-free, and D.O.T. legal.” -Gumby, J & K Enterprises, Eastern Shore of Maryland

    "DON'T waste your dough on ratcheting devices. BUY PROLOCKERS with that $600 you saved. You will thank me. They are quick and simple to use. I say that because the easier this job is, the more you will use it ALL the time. I have two in my NPR. My truck ran off the road this spring and the Prolockers kept my Dixie in place. To give you an idea of the severity of the impact (with the ditch and culvert), the Dixie jumped up high enough and long enough for a 5 gallon pail full of fertilizer to slide underneath it --- I had to jack it up to get the pail out. But the 1200# Dixie didn't move an inch horizontally. It could have possibly smashed through the fiberglass and even hit the cab.”-Likestomow, lawnsite.com senior member, Tennessee

    “I just bought one to secure my Super Z. I can honestly say that you would be a fool to use any other method. It's quick and easy and it does what it's supposed to do. If you need to haul mulch or stone in your trailer you can pull just one pin and remove the unit in seconds. I think they're a great investment.” -Ed Kreiling, Kreiling’s Lawn & Landscape Service, Spring Hill, FL

    “I have used prolockers since last fall and all I have to say is they are a dream.
    I sat in front of my house before leaving to the garage and watched another guy load his 36" hydro. He was screwing around with those tie downs for 3 minutes! And who knows how long it took him to untie it to get it off. I unlock it as I walk to the mower to start it then I lock it after I drive the mower onto the trailer. The two steps it takes to operate a prolocker literally takes no more than 4 seconds at most.
    Think of it this way, if you took off three minutes at every 30 minute job that’s 10% time saved. You can easily fit an additional lawn every day into the time you save from a prolocker. Who doesn't want time for 5 more lawns per week? Not only that but they are actually fun to use. Great product.” -lawncuttinfoo, lawnsite.com member, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    “I installed them this winter. they beat the heck out of the 'old strap it down. Fast, Quick & Clean! A great investment.” -Vanguard, Lawnsite.com Member, Colorado

    “Ok, everybody knows that I received them in the mail a few days ago, gave a quick look over and I figured that this weekend I would try them out. Well, they are AMAZING!!! Best design and innovation I have ever seen in a product. Everybody asks, including myself how do you get the mower in the front of the trailer around them. Well this is where the amazing part is. The actual system has a quick release pin (one pull) and the unit slides up from the two panels that it is secured to on the trailer floor. I highly recommend this product to everybody. Quick and easy to load and unload. Only takes about 5 seconds to load and/or unload. Thank you very much Mark for the great product.” -Tiedeman, Lawnsite.com Fanatic

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