Happy New Year!


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Ontario, Canada
Just thought I would take a few minutes to wish everyone here on lawnsite a happy and prosperous 2012.
Feel free to leave comments on here about your new year's resolutions, business related or not doesn't matter!
Here I'll start:
btw mine is business related. My New Year's Resolution:
To gain more customers for snow removal/lawn care
and to make my company more successful so that I am well known to my servicing neighborhood(s) also to do a job that exceeds the customers' standards.
Once again Happy New Year from Alex's Landscaping!
Have a safe one!


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North Georgia
I wish the same for all of us.

I have the same plans except for the snow. ( we don't have much all all here)

Ridin' Green

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Here's wishing everyone here on LS a Happy New Year, and may it be a prosperous and blessed year for all. This is a great site, with a ton of great people, and lots of excellent info.

God bless the USA in 2012, and hey, hey, hey-
Let's be careful out there (both tinight, and especially while working).:)

DA Quality Lawn & YS

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Rochester, MN
Yes happy New Year guys!

My resolution is to help make a difference in more people's lives in 2012.
Whether thru biz or outside work.


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Franklin Tn
Happy New Year everyone


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Lets hope 2012 is better then 2011! My resolutions for 2012 are to be more financially responsible (LESS DEBT), lose 20lbs and drink less (I am getting to be kinda an alcoholic...need to resolve it soon). For the business I would simply like to devote enough money to advertising no mater how tight things get, and not finance ANY equipment until EVERYTHING I have is paid off. I learned a lot in 2011 and will use that to make for a stronger 2012.