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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Ultimatly the guys who make their mortgage payments, keep their obligations & pay their taxes foot the bill. Where do you think all the "bail out" money is going to come from?

    One way or another the working man is going to get the poop end of the stick. In the meantime the very rich, the politicians and the very poor, none of whom have a vested interest in the economy (because they don't suffer the consequences of bad decisions), will continue to do well while the guy who busts his donkey sees his standard of living go down the tubes.

    Maybe I should go ahead and buy that dream King Ranch and default on the loan.

    2012 Ford 350 King Ranch: $52,000

    Letting you working guys pick up the tab: Priceless
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    And isn't that always the way it works out? The American way? :)

    How many bankers and WS firms that sliced mortgages into a million slivers and put them in the gigantic derivatives blender to be sold as triple A investment have gone to jail? The same cabal that knowing the toxicity of the paper they were selling proceeded to buy/sell CDSs to protect themselves... The very same CDSs in the trillions that almost brought western capitalism to its knees...

    The people that wiped out $15 trillion worth of wealth from America's middle class in the largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen...

    How many?

    And the crowd goes.... Zero! Yay! :clapping:

    But don't get me started.... it's a nice weekend. :)

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    Sooooo......who's watching the Bucaneers today?
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    Not taken the long way. My post came off at the wrong manner maybe, but I think if you reread it, you will see I am one of those who think that you should honor your obiligations and that is why I am still making my payment. My issue is like you say, not many I feel have this since of obligation anymore, and are willing to do this. As more and more people see the negative effect their home has on their balance sheet, I suspect more and more houses will be dropped on the market, further down the drain we go as the inventory gets deeper and deeper.
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    Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving :) Back to work tomorrow.
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    Don't forget to throw in the legislated relaxation of FNM & GNM standards that forced them to lend outside of base financial standards creating "don't ask don't tell" mortgages available to anyone without documentation. This caused a huge demand for capital creating an environment for WS to capitalize on the demand by creating derivitives and selling them to the public.

    The public in turn, like a herd of lemmings, began a greedy drunken orgy of real estate speculation lying on their applications in order to secure mortgages on properties they had no intention of living in but selling to the next greedy sucker. It was all a monumental Daisy chain with legitimate homeowners getting screwed and the greedy geeting what they deserved.

    But that's "not fair". So because all of these scumbags were lying greedy and selfish. Now the working man gets to pay for it
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    Same here. :)

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    Going away for a week and having to catch up on lawnsite is almost as bad as a full email inbox! Anyway, hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.... and Christmas is just around the corner. :drinkup:
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    I think I gained 5lbs over the weekend.:dancing:
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    Thursday I gained 3 1/2 pounds that made me feel very uncomfortable. Friday Morning I ran it off.


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