Happy Thanksgiving ya all!!

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    And please remeber that this was founded by the Pilgrims to give thanx to GOD, not the Indians for a bountiful harvest.

    Also remember the Pilgrims almost starved to death as first because they were operating as a commune and they didn't have a bountiful harvest until they went with private property and your hands produced your own goods. Socialism didn't work then and still doesn't today.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I have a 22# bird in the oven right now. All the in-laws and out-laws are converging here for the feast.:)
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    OUT-LAWS LOL Happy Thanksgiving
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    The Pilgrims would of all died had not the local "Indians" helped them. Here is a great book to read if you want to know the real background on Thanksgiving:

    "The Light and the Glory" by Peter Marshall & David Manuel


    Yes, T-Day was to thank God & the Pilgrims invited the local Indian tribe Chief to the feast to show their appreciation.

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