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Happy Thanksgiving


Gulf Shores, AL
Later tonight I'm out of here for a week of R&R. I'll be back November 27 unless I get bored. I want to wish all of you a


LawnSite Bronze Member
Pittsburgh, Pa
Thats funny stuff Eric....Happy Thanksgiving to all of you...I hope the snow holds off until leaves are done.......then we get a REALLY white Christmas.


LawnSite Member
Happy Thanksgiving To All.

This is the time of year that we all should be thankfull that we live in America ,and can do what we all do.
Godbless all of you here at Lawn-Site, and have the best one ever.


Millenium Member
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Heading to Vero Beach Fla. Wednesday-Sunday for a short break. I also won an auction on Ebay for a Maytag Neptune washing machine in Ft. Lauderdale so will be picking that up also, can't wait. Love it when thinks work out so well. :)