Happy with the "Power Chute" so far

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. tacoma200

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    It was a bit confusing wondering which brand of chute blocker to buy. It seems like the manual models seem more popular but I took a chance on the Power Chute for my Scag since it gets more use. After watching the video on the website I just liked the way it was designed, the fact it will rotate 180 degrees in increments, I don't have to take my hands off the bars, and it doesn't stick up very much (no handle to get caught on something). Is it the best one? I don't know since it's the only one I have used but it works very well. It's amazing how fast that little motor will open and close the chute. If I have any complaint at all it is that it is so fast It's taking me a while to get used to stopping it at the right spot if I want it partially up or down. I'm not saying that it's the best out there but I would buy it again. I should have gotten one a long time ago. One thrown rock and it will more than pay for it's self. I feel much more confident when I'm near auto's, mulch beds, or pointed a anything I don't want damaged or throw grass on. I don't care which brand you get but I would recommend getting one for anyone in this business. I don't know what I was thinking all these years.
  2. MJB

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    I've been wanting one for my old Exmark I side dischrge with it alot. I was thinking of the handle style one that you mount and move it manually. I have not seen the one you got. Guess I'll do a search for it. Amazing all the neat little gadgets that are coming out to help us do a better job, and practicing safe mowing instead of taking chances hoping you don't hit that hidden rock and shoot it at someone.
  3. tacoma200

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  4. Power Chute Design

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    You'll find that you can move the Power Chute in increments by tapping it with your foot. I put it all the way closed and tap it up twice and it sits at about a 45 degree angle. But, when you mow at full aspeed you'll appreciate the quickness of the Power Chute operation. You get used to it and spoiled by it!
  5. LushGreenLawn

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    I bought one, and my experience was the same. Its great, opens and closes faster than I could do it by hand, but it is a little tough to stop it exactly where you want to. I would buy another one in a heartbeat though!
  6. JustCut

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    This is the best device Ive every spent money on. It takes the worry out of throwing an object at someone or something. Safety............It elimates grass in unwanted area's. Customer service is great too. If you don't have the money to buy one now run as fast as you can and borrow the money............:walking:
  7. fool32696

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    I've been considering one of these for months. You guys have just about made up my mind for me.
  8. drains

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    Do they make one for the Gravely 152XDZ?
  9. grassgirl4

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    I just bought one for my BOP Quick 36 Samurai walk-behind. Had to buy the universal kit, as there is not a Power Chute specific to my model. My dad and I (more my dad than me :) ) have to weld it/put it together and he's out of town this coming week, so it may be a couple weeks before I actually get to try 'r out :( I'll report back with my thoughts when I've used it enough to give a fair assessment.

    Can't wait to give it a whirl, though!! I've used the Blade Blocker by TrimmerTrap, as that is what I have on my Exmark ztr, and am satisfied with it; however, the manual handle mechanics would get a bit annoying with a walk-behind over the long haul, so the Power Chute should work out great.

    If all goes well with this universal kit, I'll be buying another one for my Lastec 61" ztr.
  10. jkingrph

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    My only complaint is that they did not match Scag's color at all.

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