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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Ben Harms, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Ben Harms

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    Does any have or have used one of harbor freights cargo unloaders? I have watched some videos and they seem pretty effective.

    I would be mainly using it to unload leaves, sticks and landscape debris from clean up jobs. Right now I lay down a big tarp in my truck bed, fill it up with debris, then wrap it up and ratchet it down. It allows me to really get a lot of materials in there while also being able to drive safely with it loaded. Have any of you guys with one laid down a tarp on top of loader - if yes, do you have any problems with it?

    Please let me know your experiences and review on the product.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. ecurbthims

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    I don’t have the harbour freight one ,I have the loadhandler ,and it is very impressive and well worth it .I do a lot of lock stone repair work ,and haul a lot of crusher dust ,and I can hand crank half of my box full of crusher dust with it .Watch the video for it of the old man with the load of firewood ,it works just like that in real life .
  3. BMWNJ

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    I picked one up about a month ago. Love it. I unloaded a bed full of brick from a demoed grill in 30 seconds. I haven't used it on leaves or mulch yet since I've read that the stuff getting stuck behind the wheel wells can get hung up. I want to build something that'll block off the sides of the bed and keep the material on the tarp.

    Definitely worth the $40.

    I haven't laid a tarp on top of it but that might be worth trying as long as it doesn't get caught up in the roller.
  4. Arvydas

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    I'd recommend that you get the real Load Handler product that Harbor Freight ripped off. I've purchased 4 of the Harbor Freight ones over the last 4 years, and critical pieces on them all broke.

    If I'd have just bought the original Load Handler, I would have ended up paying less and I wouldn't have wasted time needing to buy more and re-install them.
  5. OP
    Ben Harms

    Ben Harms LawnSite Member
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    who makes the original load handler product? Do they have a website?
  6. AlohaMowing

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  7. Pristine Lawn 1

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    I know this is an older thread from a couple months ago but this was my experience. I needed something to help me unload grass from the bed of my truck. Didn’t work so well as seen in the pictures below. This was literally the first time I went to use it. I called my local HF to see about returning it for a new one but they didn’t have any in stock. The closest one that did was about 90 minutes away. So I cut the broken piece off and had to drill and grind new slots. After that I started hand raking half of the grass out then I would start cranking it. Does still save time at least. I just recently picked up a used aluminum TruckCraft insert though which I’m getting installed on Wednesday.



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