Hard compacted bumpy turf

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mowman22, Apr 28, 2002.

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    I don't know which forum to put this question on , but I think it should go here?

    I mow this lawn with the hardes, bumpiest turf I have ever seen. I'm thinking aeriation and maybe a using a roller when the yard is wet, but I'm just not to sure this would be the best way. Does anyone have any suggestions?:confused:
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    Rolling a lawn can be helpful, but will compact the soil - so if you do this, you'll have to aerate religously. By rolling the lawn when it's wet, you're going to squeeze air out of the soil, compacting it more than it already is. Aerate to alleviate compaction in general, and for sure as a result of rolling. If the grade is bad, you may need to address certain areas by rototilling them down or filling in low areas - assuming a complete lawn replacement with new grading is out of the question. But this depends on the customers expectations for quality and their budget. Perhaps expectations would need to be discussed.

    Often a bumpy yard comes from worm castings - which you could look at the bright side, you have worms aerating the soil for you! But this causes problems on the surface, in the form of little casting mounds. Verticutting can help to break up some of these castings - if the castings are what is causing the bumpiness.
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    my lawn is as as bumpy as one could possibly imagine, but my problem is due to gophers. we have an empty field nearby and gophers seem to like traveling to our house for one reason or another. so if the lawn your talking about has gophers, then i wouldn't bother rototilling anything until you get the critters taken care of first... just think what they would do once you got the ground level again...

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