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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by challenger55, Sep 28, 2003.

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    ok guys i want to tell you about my day. it was a Saturday morning and when i woke up my dad brought home an aeratoring type machine that seed at the same time. then i mowed our yard and start aeratoring it wasn't self propelled so it was really hard. it took us about an 1hr - 2hr. then we said it was to hard and got a real aerator that had a b/s on it hated the sound of that engine. mowed 4 more yard and aerated 3 more and seeded them.

    to me that was a hard day
    i bet you guys have had harder days but considering im only 14 w/ a rental aerator w/ a b/s on it it was a hard day

    i would like to hear about some of your days if u don't mind telling them
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    It wasn't tody, but ended up areating, spreading gypsum over compacted areas, over seeding, and feritlizing 4 acres. Total time was 12 hours not including the time to pick up supplies (1400 lb of seed, 180 lbs gypsum, 400 lbs fert., tractor, tow behind 3 pt. aerator and seeder). What a job! I love this stuff! Can't even begin to tell you how glad I am to be back in this profession.
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    After the hurricane on Sept. 18th I have worked a minimum of 12 hour days, mostly 14 and 15 hour days. Last night we trimmed and blew a property by moving the truck around so we could use the headlights. Getting pretty good at working in the dark, just don't use a chainsaw!

    BTW I actually took off today (Sunday). Back at it tomorrow at 5:30AM.

    If you choose this as a career you will likely encounter many long hard days.

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