Hard starting Kawasaki FJ180 kai engine

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    I have a 2013 commercial x-series with bbc and kawasaki kai engine. It is equipped with the round air filter and the primer bulb is located under the filter assy.
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    Kawasaki must have changed the engine then because I have the KAI on my Turf-master and it doesn't have a primer bulb.
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    The Turf Master and Commercial 30s have a Manual Choke, while the Commercial 21s have a primer bulb.
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    I bought an exmark 21 X Series commercial mower non-bbc with the Kawasaki fj180v last year. The mower is great but the Kawasak engine has given me trouble. It doesn't start very well, especially in cool/cold weather. It has a primer too. I usually push the bulb 2-3 times when I start it. The dealer made some adjustments to it with the valves and rpms but that didn't help too much. It just sounds like an airplane now. I haven't been overly impressed with this kawasaki engine. The older FJ150v that I had on my old John Deere JX85 was a much better engine.

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    I have a Kawasaki FJ180v that was hard starting. This engine is equipped with a remote choke. The choke was not closing all of the way so I adjusted the choke cable travel. Starts easier now. Not sure if this is possible on your engine but just a thought.
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    Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated. I don't have a remote choke on my unit. There's just a primer bulb. The dealer has it now. I asked him to look at the issue again. The warranty expires on April 12 so I hope something is done. As I mentioned, I much prefer the old Kawasaki FC150. That was a great engine, started up with no problems, never bogged down, and excellent power. This kawi has been the opposite. Sometimes I wish I had spent the extra money and gone for the Honda GXV160 motor.

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