Hard starting Viking 48 hydro

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by aVOLanche, Oct 18, 2004.

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    I use this mower once a week(48" Viking-V48-14KO-H) #127012.Recently it either starts on the 1st pull(from cold,fully choked) or it is very hard to start.Has new plug gapped at 0.040,filters,fresh gas,choke is working fine.Once it starts,it runs great.When it doesn't start,the plug is wet with gas every time.So I pull and dry the plug and try again until it starts.Any suggestions?Thanks!
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    If I had to guess I'd say the problem is in the carburator or the safety system. If the carb has some dirt in it, it's possible for it to flow too much fuel causing the wet plug you mentioned. If the safety system is not functioning properly then it's possible that the fuel flow is correct but your just not getting any spark. A quick once over to make sure the blades are completely disengaged and the ground speed control lever is completely pulled back may be a good idea before starting as well. The Kohler also has an internal compression release which can act up from time to time.

    With the problem being somewhat speratic it may be difficult to diagnose and a trip to the dealer may be in order.


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    Thanks for the reply.It turns out that the problem was in the throttle linkage to the carb(to the choke,specifically).when I pushed the throttle to choke position,the choke arm wasn't being fully engaged.An adjustment on the cable fixed it.I knew the spark was good and the "kill switch" was OK,so I just fiddled around with the carb linkage and the darn thing started on 1st pull.Thanks for aiming me in the right direction and saving trailering the mower to the dealer.Fred

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