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hard to explain please just read...


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central nj
Ok so here's the situation...Across from my apt there is a separate complex, fairly small, just two buildings, and the grass has not been tended to in some time. It's starting to look bad. Since it's a not a huge complex and its basically just grass, I figure this would be a great place for a new guy like myself to land. Not too big to manage, and more than a little residential gig for 30/week.

So my problem is this: How do I determine what price to give when I approach them. Remember it's not like they're accepting bids or anything so I may not have the opportunity to actually measure the property, I may just have a few seconds to grab the attention of the manager. So far i've been trying to eye it and compare it to a lawn, for instance that area X behind the building looks like a lawn I would quote at $30 area B next to it looks like a lawn i would quote at $50 put them all together you get the idea.

I know alot of guys are gonna say NEVER do it unless you measure it, but an account like this could really help get my business off the ground. So what would you guys do in my situation?
Thanks in advance. :waving:


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that's how I bidded an appartment complex....

think about how high the grass is...as you know it will kill your mower if it's too tall. so there's a time delay...

decide what it would take to do a "CLEAN UP" and give them a bid.... then also be paired to to do a weekly, biweekly, and a monthly bid.

DONT sell yourself short by saying "tell ya what I'll do the clean up for 100.00 if you'll let me cut it weekly...."

be perpaired, before you go in. sometimes on bid's like these it's they want a price NOW. not in a few minutes...
and belive it or NOT 7.99 sounds better than 8.00. 149.00 sounds better than 150.00

Good luck and GO GET IT.


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I have a daily rate I try to stick to, mine happens to be $350 a dayfor lawns. My overhead is pretty high so I stick to this, but yours may be different. Any way try dividing the day into quadrants and then dividing those quadrants by 350, like half day...2by 350. hope this helps.


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if it hasn't been cut at all this year and is getting tall whatever price you decide on charge double for the first cut. What will you be using to cut the lawn? Since you live in an apt do you have storage elsewhere? What type of equipment do you have? Its hard to say how much to charge without knowing how big the yard is and not knowing what equipment you will be using.


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central nj
I'll be using some sort of commerical riding mower (narrowed it down to a few , buying one this weekend). I have an echo blower and trimmer. And as much as i would love to just leave everything in the trailer in the parking lot, i had to invest in storage space so i could sleep easily. I know it's dificult to estimatew/o the size and if i can get it I will, but I was just seeing if any guys with alot of experience had ever done something like this and how they had gone about it.

Also I probably should have added that there is a very small retention basin on this property, all grass, but i've heard alot of guys say they charge extra for dificult slopes and terrains. Whats your policy on those?