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the dixie works great , but there are a few areas where i can't mow with the 50" there are two ponds (100' feet long with a 30 degree slope) that i don't dare go near with the dixie. there are trees and fences to go around and that brings me to 1 or 2 feet from the edge of the water and when the grass is wet it's very slippery ( i am not a great swimmer nor is my mower) what do you guys use in narrow areas. i also have a area that is 1000' long that has pine sapplings growing out of it, i used the trimmer the first time but that is hard and tedeous (the sapplings are growing out of roots from trees on the property from the other side of the fence)would a string mower be a good choice, they have big wheels and are not hard to push. it took me almost 2 hours to cut down these sapplings and i only did half of the job, the shindaiwa was getting heavy.


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I know a homeowner that uses one of the DR string mowers around a pond. he says it works great.<p>GEO

bill phagan

There is a mowing device I used to use called a &quot;flymow&quot;. It hovers like a helicopter (by air) with a mowing blade with safety devices. The hover and you can mow like you were vacuuming. Didn't enjoy much popularity back then but I have seen new ones at equipment shows. Don't know who makes them, but great for ponds and undulated areas where mower isn't feasible. And faster than mowers as well.

John DiMartino

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I dont know of a cheap and timely way to mow that much area,but at our golfcourse we bought a Steiner 4x4 for the steep slopes and it can mow up and down as well as sidehill on just about anything you can walk up with a trimmer in your hand.These are not cheap,even used,but they are kind very good at what they do,oh yeah it also stripes way better than my dixie too.Deck sizes are 48-60 or 72 &quot;,I have a 60.<p>----------<br>John D<br>


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dittos on the steiner john-<br>I got a Steiner 220 last year for $3000, & low hrs for being a 1990 maodel. Bought a 60&quot; side discharge to replace the rear discharge deck. Like I said before, nothing stripes like a Steiner. It's a bit slower cutting wise than my bobcat, but it'll hold a hill like glue, & has 11 mph top speed for transport, & a posi traction feature to keep it straight on hills, & a hi/lo range for steep or hairy stuff. Plus you have over 20 interchangeable attatchments to upgrade/diversify with. WHAT ELSE COULD YOU ASK FOR? I've mowed stuff with that that I have trouble walking across. Keep your eyes open on the classifieds........<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>


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Have you given any thought to a 4-wheeler and one of those pull behind mini bushhog type mowers with the 5 or 8 hp engines? I've seen them at a tractor store and you could offset the mowing deck to the low side.<br>If you had a Polaris or 4-wheeler with 4 wheel drive I think it would stick to the slope pretty good.<p>Homer


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Homer, good excuse to buy a toy man!! It almost sounded sincere!! Hey those hoover mowers that Mr. Phagan were talking about; I know they used to have blades (back in the good ole' days!!) but all the ones I've seen around in the past couple years only have trimmer line or a metal trimmer line under them. I know Husquarvarna makes them and several others. I used one with a blade before to do some slopes, worked great.....I don't know about the new ones. I guess a dealer would let you mess with one before you buy it, at least a good dealer would. Check it out!<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://communities.msn.com/guidosequipmentpics/&quot;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti

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