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Hard to start Backfires when shut down


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I have a 2006 Husqvarna lawn tractor 54" cut. It was starting fine today when it was cold I had mowed with it for quite awhile. Shut it down to answer a cell phone call, when I tried to start it back up it would crank and crank but not fire up. Finally it did barely manage to fire up with a bit of sputtering but then the engine leveled out and seemed to run fine. I mowed the last acre or so I needed to with no problems, but when I shut it down it backfired and sparked out of the front. Having the hood down naturally I couldnt see exactly where the spark came from but it was near the front of the engine. I tried to restart it right away just to see what it would do and it just cranked same as before. Much thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.


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