Hardscape Material Pricing Same for Homeowner as Contractor

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mbella, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. mbella

    mbella LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Why can a homeowner buy hardscape materials for the same price as a contractor?
  2. kris

    kris LawnSite Bronze Member
    from nowhere
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    Not our supplier Mike ... I think that is just plain wrong.
  3. CNYScapes

    CNYScapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    Our supplier only charges about a .30 sf difference for brick pavers. So on a 100 sf walkway, he only pays another 30 bucks. Whoopy doo. They should pay more.
  4. GreenMonster

    GreenMonster LawnSite Silver Member
    from NH
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    There's one around here that charges contractors and homeowners the same.

    I ain't buyin' there. :nono:
  5. Mdirrigation

    Mdirrigation LawnSite Gold Member
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    Because a small contractor doesnt buy enough to have the leverage to negotiate price .
  6. mbella

    mbella LawnSite Bronze Member
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    That is true with other materials. However, with hardscaping, specifically pavers, I don't think it is. I know that EP Henry will negotiate pricing on specific jobs, but not across the board. Guess what the square foot threshold is for negotiating paver pricing, 5,000 square feet. That's 5,000 sq.ft. on one job. How many of you guys regularly do installs of that scope? I know I don't.
  7. MidAtlantic

    MidAtlantic LawnSite Member
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    Is your supplier a retail nursery or distributor? Remember volume always equals better pricing in any industry. If your buying the same quantities as a home owner each time then they are going to charge you accordingly. If they price product to the homeowners too high as a retail location then they will just go somewhere else. They are in the business to make money just like you and I. Plus if the homeowner wants to go buy the product then let them install it. Your only competing against the do-it-yourselfers price wise and those people aren't the ones you usually do business with. For every one of those theres 100 other people that need a contractor to do it. Its not a big deal.

    If you can its better to buy in truck load volume straight from the factory. I know you can get better rates with EP and Hanover. We won't order anything unless we can fill a truck. You need to either sell yourself to your supplier to negotiate smaller quantity discounts promising higher volumes in the near future or up your quantity and force them to lower their price or you will do biz elsewhere.
  8. mbella

    mbella LawnSite Bronze Member
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    My supplier is a retailer/wholesaler and the cheapest in my area. I do get a discount, the same one all of the contractor's get. It is peanuts. On EP Henry Cov. 1, it is about .17 p sq. ft. However, there are numerous other vendors in the area that don't give any discount.

    Are you saying that you buy direct from EP Henry? The ability to do that would be news to me.

    Don't take this thread the wrong way, I'm not worried about this issue putting me out of business or really hurting me. I am just curious why?
  9. MidAtlantic

    MidAtlantic LawnSite Member
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  10. mbella

    mbella LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Ok. Now I see what you're saying.

    Cov. 1- $3.18 sq. ft. Brickstone-$2.12 sq. ft.

    Who's paying for your shipping?

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