Hardscape Projects "Gone Bad"

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Pavers Plus, Apr 13, 2006.

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    I'm curious to see if everyone can post pictures of bad paver/wall installations that you may have seen in your travels. Here are a few I can donate to the cause:

    6-2-05 011.jpg

    6-2-05 013.jpg

    6-2-05 017.jpg

    6-2-05 018.jpg

    8-3-05 003.jpg
  2. Pavers Plus

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  3. Pavers Plus

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    more pictures of bad installs

    8-3-05 019.jpg



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    Are these from around here? Cause I got a bunch I could add to it. I don't do hardscapes and man those are crappy jobs. I sub all my hardscapes to one of the best hardscape guys around here.
  5. cgland

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    Adam - Did you hack into my computer and steal my portfolio?;) j/k
    I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life. And to think, this is our competition.:hammerhead:

    I have a few. These were taken from a job that was next to one of ours..................................Yeah....Next to! LOL

  6. AL Inc

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    I was going to say my first few jobs would definitely qualify...I don't think I'm going to post pics, though:eek:
  7. PSUturf

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    Oh my god. All of those jobs must have been done on Friday afternoon
  8. SOMM

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    The 1st "stacks" were really wacked, and the driveway lamp post pitch, too funny. Supv was gone, training the new guys.

    Aside from the pitch of the drives and walks which is a good thing to drain off snow and ice, and you always want a slight pitch away from the building - perhaps you see other things that alot of us don't. You may want to try some arrows or lines from a paint program on some of the same pics so we can all can benefit better by your expertise about the pics:

    -All the surface pavers look great (except for some rough cuts on the dark mulched bordered light gray walk, true).

    -The Circular Front Walk looks alright. (bad choice of regular gray wallstone to be untumbled like the circle walk is, true.)

    -The last Brown Wall and steps looks especially well done (wierd choice of pavers to go with it, true).

    Sure, these maybe arent all the finest or your own choice of materials and/or craftsmanship used, but you get what you pay for and pay for what you get in the Market. These aren't million and a three quarter dollar homes with outdoor granite topped islands, either, friend. And when a homeowner's getting 5-1 for their landscape dollar in many markets - most all the above look a heck of alot better than zero-landscaping or just plain poured concrete. Besides if the builder did it themselves because they "thought" (lol) they could do it better than a f/t landscape outfit like all of us here on Lawnsite, then builder may have even got paid better than many of us here would like to think, laughing all te way to the bank, and finally putting that knuclehead drop-out nephew to work landscaping for him real cheap.
  9. lawnkid

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    WOW Somm,
    How can you not see the mistakes. I am no paver expert but I know how to do a quality job. They are clearly obvious in all the pics.

    1st pic- Dry stacked wall looks terrible, no uniformity in them, the steps are all uneven, and way too much sand on the bottom of the steps. I hope that's jusr concrete sand and not poly.

    2nd pic- Paver quilting looks good but looks like their base wasn't very good along the siding of the house cuz that all sunk(probably a pool after rainfall), and look at the steps. Blocks used for bottom step and pavers stacked on top of another for the second step. Looks very shoddy and unprofessional to have that structure first of all let alone two differnt step heights.

    3rd pic- Look at the stairs against the house. The whole staircase is uneven and the blocks on the right side of the steps are also falling off. Nice ramp in the pavers going up to the house too, haha. And looks like they used that cheap black plastic edging as a restraint and it's hanging above the surface of the pavers instead of holding the sand in. Oh and I also don't like the beds
    sloping up to the raised patio. Talk about luch washout on the lawn and good luck planting something that will look good in there.

    4th pic- Steps again from the side view that shows two differnt materials used. And again you can see the nice little ramp and cheap plastic edging.

    5th pic-Bad bad bad! Soldier course is wavy, cuts are bad most likely cause from not overlaying and most likely no edging restraint.

    6th pic-Chipped stair blocks, tons of sand, and by also by the time you steo outside the door you're already at the edge of the top step. Again poor quailty all around. Probably got blocks for half off.

    7th pic-Cuts into wall aren't very good. One wall block and cap almost look rusty to me. Not sure what that is. And also not crazy about the way the blocks are laid on the one wall. It goes from the top, Cap>one row of 135 mm> one row of 90 mm> one row of 135mm> two rows of 90mm>one row of 135mm, three rows of 90mm.

    8th pic-Again with the rows of 90mm and 135mm Celtik for the walls and then the unmatched caps and unmatched wall block on the bottom right of the pic.

    9th pic-Uneven steps, couple step block are chipped, and looks like some big gaps in the stairs too.

    10th pic-Chipped block and in the middle and then it looks like they cut a wall block thin and glued it to another to give it some added size. "Hardto explain but noticeable. Wall blocks are also stacked in an ugle unmatched way. It's like someone just stacked a bunch of stuff and no pattern or consistency.

    11th pic-Bad cuts, didn't overlay, probably no restraint, and whole walk is wavy

    12th pic- HOLY PILLAR is all I have to say.

    13th pic- Not really sure about this one, split countertop maybe idk help me out.

    14t pic- And I have to say the pavers look good from far, could be far from good, but the wall is uneven and the grade from the yard looks like it's going right into the house not away.

    Those are just the ones I spotted, anyone care to add to what I've found? When I first started I thought all pavers looked good and none of that crap mattered but now after taking classes, attending manufacturer seminars, and viewing pics on Lawnsite, I see the differences in people's work. I myself am a perfectionist so no one tells me to cut corners or use bad material or products. If the customer wants that they can find someone else, not ruining my image....
  10. Dirty Water

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    #14 has horrible step design.

    CGland...is it just me, or do those walls have no buried course?

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