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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by paul, Jan 1, 2001.

  1. paul

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    Thinking of going with a hardscape truck, This truck would be enclosed with a side lift, 20' body that would allow us to tow a trailer with skid steer. Thinking of using a Ford F-650. It would free up a truck do to not having to tow a hardscape trailer around. Ideas Guys and Gals?
  2. Pauls Mowing

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    A long wheel base truck towing a short trailer will prove interesting trying to back up the trailer.

  3. paul

    paul Lawnsite Addict
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    Not worried about backing up the trailer. Most of our jobs have plenty of parking:) All of my trailers are longer than 20' most are 25' long or longer.
  4. Stonehenge

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    There are a few masons in my area that have gotten creative with trucks/trailers. I was thinking about asking them if I could look over their setups.

    If it's bed size you're looking for, it seems that the trucks with the compact cabs (vertical front, from grille to roof) would maximize bed space. GMC makes some in an F-650 or larger equivalent.

    Are you essentailly looking to put the tools you listed in a thread awhile back into this truck (saws, gen, welder, etc)?
  5. paul

    paul Lawnsite Addict
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    Stonehedge, all the tools will go into this truck, just kinda looking at making things go faster.
  6. steveair

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    Hello, I have a few thoughts that I would try.

    One, would be a utility body (full enclosed, walk in type) f550 pulling a 7x12 dump trailer. That way you could have a majority of the tools on the truck, be able to move a skidsteer around, and also have the option of sending the truck and trailer out for supplies, such as mulch, stone, soil, etc, and be able to dump. I would opt for a crew cab, so a whole crew can go in the same truck to the same job.

    I'm not sure if a lift is really needed. If you have a skidsteer with you, that could be used to unload the truck. Though it is nice to have, seems a bit wasteful and may not get that much use.

    I would also go with the idea of the f650 with the utility body pulling a skidsteer trailer, but only option I would add was a crew cab again so that all the men can go in one truck to the site.

    Maybe not enough room, but a I-pack on the 650 with a dump may be a option, however, not a whole lot of tools can be put in the eye pack and they are a pain to load/unload when they get filled up.

    If you were to go with a 650 and a I-pack, I would opt for a dump body with drop down sides then. They are nice for side loading pavers, stone, etc, and also is very handy to put skidsteer attachments into like dirt hounds, extra buckets, forks, etc. Also, bigger tools, like compactors and tub saws could be easily unloaded from the back of the truck with a skidsteer if it had the drop down sides.


  7. Stonehenge

    Stonehenge LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Midwest
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    Last year I bought a truck from a competitor that was set up nicely - it's an F600 with a 16' (didn't measure) dump body with high sides (not really stake sides - more like a roofing truck...made for mulch hauling). The feature that makes it really useful is a lift gate in back - can handle about 400# (about 2 tub saws) going up, more #s going down.

    The drawback with those sides is of course it's terrible for loading palletized materials.

    I've seen another competitor in town using a side lift gate - looked nifty but didn't see it in use for more than a few minutes.

    Here's a crazy idea - what about a tool box like what I think you already have on a trailer, but on a boom truck? Use the boom to lift the tool box/enclosure onto the truck, or to the spot where you need it on site. Then the truck can double as a palletized material hauler.

    It's fun playing pretend with someone else's money :) :) :)
  8. steveair

    steveair LawnSite Bronze Member
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    This is fun thinking of ways to spend other peoples money...

    How bout this.

    A roll off truck, like a car wrecker. That way you can load the skidsteer on the truck, and continue to pull the trailer.

    Also, another idea is a 'interchangeable' roll off. You could get different bodies, a flat bed or a dump container.
    You could then pull the skidsteer in the container, pull it on the truck, then hook up the trailer, and be done. I know most roll off's are on tandems, but I've seen a few companies make them for single axles.

    My only concern is how the hitch works. Not sure if the hitch comes off of the roll off or off of the frame. May be a problem.

    On another note, I have a friend that has a sterling tandem and a 16 ton trailer. He is putting a barn door on the back of the tandem instead of the hinged, and setting ramps up so he can drive a cramer loader up the trailer, and then into the back of the truck, then load up a smaller bobcat excavator and a bobcat 873 on the trailer. He's always trying to figure out ways to get everything to the job.


    FIREMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    Check out the set-ups some of the tool dealers are using....internationals with big walk in boxes...might be the way to go for this application also...when I say tool dealers I mean Mac/ Snap-on dealers..lots of gvw in some of those trucks also most have lift gates...
  10. kountryscape

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    hey paul haven't talked for sometime may be last march?
    if trailer length is not a problem how about a f-550 with a goose neck trailer cargo box on the front of the trailer and flat area in the back for pallets or skid loader. i know you have to look good going down the road . so a f-650 crew cab contractors dump and a equipment trailer would look good.

    or..... a nascar semi???? hey just a thought it would look nice and is a great billboard going down the road!!!

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