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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Gilmore.Landscaping, Apr 28, 2012.

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    Yep. And I'm not sure that it's level with the house. May be an optical illusion but it appears to not be level with the house. The lack of base was the first thing I caught.
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  3. zedosix

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    umm, wrong color capstone? :rolleyes:
  4. Agape

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    If it the one they brought to the site, can it be the wrong one?:laugh:
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    In all honesty, this is a great learning thread for some new guys.
    If you see it here, get it out of your head on the job site.
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    Spotted this jewel at a hotel pool entrance.
    Glad they went all out on this one ..................:laugh:

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    The Butler did it!
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    All I can really say on that one is......

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    Whats wrong with it, looks good to me?
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    Stop posting my pictures on this thread!

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