Hardscaping worth it?

DVS Hardscaper

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The sky is the limit. You can be a high volume low quality company or you can be a high quality low volume company.

Do you know anything about marketing?

Do you know how to talk to prospective clients?

Do you know how to manage and motivate employees?

Can you put yourself in your employees shoes?

Do you have a command on the workings of business?

Do you know anything about construction? Could you oversee the construction of a new house?

Does your area have a pool of laborers to select from?

Do you enjoy labor intensive physical labor?

Do you know anything about landscape architecture?


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also consider the pretty high cost of getting started. in some places (like where i am) there isn't access to rent tools you need to do a quality job. so you may have to prepare to buy some pretty expensive tamps, saws, laser etc lord knows you'll eventually need a skid and excavator.


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I know a few companies that make really good money doing hardscape. But they specialize in it. I think once you try and do a job here and there you loose the efficiency and knowledge required to perform this service. I believe it is a skilled trade within the industry. A lot can go wrong if you don't know what you are doing.


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If I didn’t know so much about plants and turf, I’d only do hardscape and leave the green stuff to someone else.

Except I’m the one everyone else calls to ask why their stuff is dying or sick


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It was easier to get started in this business twenty or thirty yrs ago. In my area you would now be competing with no less than 200 hardscapers.
Money earned is equal to time and effort you put into it. Plus a multitude of factors as already mentioned above.