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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by JNB Construction, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. JNB Construction

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    I'm starting a 50,000 sq ft gravel parking lot next week. The area is presently grass that get's mowed by the school district, so it's kept nice and short. We've been pretty dry here too. The amount of grading that has to be done before laying geotextile and spreading road base is minimal.

    My plan is to strip off the grass using Landpride's version of the harley rake to minimize as much haul-away as possible. My local Kubota dealer has one to rent along with an SVL75.

    Any tips or tricks ya'll want to share?
  2. Steiner

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    How much base is going down? How many cubic yards of soil and sod are we talking?

    A harley rake will work well but I think I would save the rental cost and strip the soil and sod with a skid and a toothed bucket. Then hire a local trucking company to come a few hours after I stripped the area and created a pile and load it out. Hell someone on craigslist may pay you for the loads of wonderful organic topsoil.

    I have found buyers on craigslist before that will pay for the trucking as well. Just depends on how much headache you want.
  3. JNB Construction

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    Only 5" of base going down over the geo before compaction. Seems pretty thin to me, but it's their specs.

    I'll be removing as little soil as possible since grading only involves straightening things out. I made a deal with a driver that lives down the street a bit. He'll pickup for free to get the material. From what I've seen on videos online the rake looks to be the best attachment to remove the least material, but I may be wrong.

    I just got a call from my rental guy and they're going to have the machine and rake back in by ten today, so I'll be starting the job earlier than expected. They have an area on the property that I can run it before I take it out to the job, just to get a feel for it.
  4. LandscaperPro

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    I have a LandPride 6' Power Rake for sale in Kabota Orange. Almost brand new.
    If interested call Gary at 812-678-1500.

    This is not a Landscaper Pro Item. Sold by individual.
  5. allinearth

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    Should work but it sure will be dusty.
  6. jmacd

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    50,000 sq ft is a little more than an acre. I would strip that with an excavator and load it out at the same time. Clean up with a dozer.

    The sod and organic will be thicker than 5" so figure about 6" to 8". The area should be proof rolled or compacted than fabric, woven type. Over lap seams at least a foot. Gravel pushed with a dozer and compacted again.

    You are looking at about 1500 yards to remove and about 2000 tons of crushed stone. This job size justify the bigger equipment even if you rent. If this job is public works job than they will have very specific specs to follow. Possible compaction test to pass
  7. JNB Construction

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    Well that's how it should be done. This is a temporary parking lot for a town of just short of 2000 people, so they wanted it done as inexpensively as possible since they'll be building on the site in the next three years.

    They're instructions were pretty specific, if a bit "off." Only strip as much grass as needed, no export (I had to talk them in to at least hauling out the grass), and use the "big dirt pile" to "fill up the holes." I'm not exactly doing it that way, but that's what they wanted. I did include the geo as an option in my bid, which they decided to go ahead with.

    Boy your not kidding! The cabbed rental is still out so they brought me in an open cab SVL75 from another dealership.

    I finally got the unit to the jobsite this afternoon, but I did get about 30,000 sq ft stripped and windrowed at one end. I'll finish up tomorrow with the rake and start grading. I have a vibratory compactor and water truck coming in Monday morning. Delivery of the road base starts Tuesday morning.
  8. muddywater

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    Just put a little weight on the front wheels of the harley when you do your last passes.
  9. Bigred350

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    The first couple of passes over the grass you should turn the drum the SAME direction as you are going. This will help loosen the grass from the soil. Go one direction then go opposite direction (criss cross). Then after thats done start on one side but this time turn the drum in the OPPOSIte direction as you are moving. This will pick up the grass and you can windrow it or push it into a few piles. The take your bucket and scoop up grass.

    Good luck.
  10. AWJ Services

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    If the ground is really hard I use a scarifier first. Not real deep. It speeds things up. Pull the side of the Rake and angle. Go in one direction and rake the grass to the side. Do it again perpendicular to that. It should be clean and relatively flat by then. Back drag with the bucket and your done.

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