Harley Rake qestions.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Kelly's Landscaping, Aug 24, 2004.

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    I am trying to put together a bid on a new lawn to fix what some contractor did it is real ugly. The contractor removed all the topsoil and put it on his lawn he lives on the same street of 8 homes he has the only decent lawn on the rd. Here are my questions I have never used a Harley rake before. The lawn is so rocky nothing will grow they range from small rocks to water melon size the square footage of lawn is 48,000 sq ft. From what I have seen it’s going to produce 40-50 yards of rock. What can I expect to do per hour with a Harley rake as far as going over the lawn? And how much build up can I get before I need to start making a pile for all the rocks that are getting in my way? As you can see we have a little over an acre what I am trying to figure out is how long I am going to be on this phase of the job so I can price it correctly and since I have never done this before I cannot fall back on personal experience.
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    Matt if I understand you right you want to know how long it will take to use a harley rake on an acre of rocky ground? If that is correct 1 day is all it will take, windrow the rocks until they start to fall back into the path your doing or they just get to high. start another section and do the same. When you have all the rocks in rows change to a bucket and pile them up or load them out, then just make a final pass to clean and prep the whole acre for seed. Mac
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    Thanks Mac I kind of figured a day of that I think I’ll rent the skid steer for about 3 though. As I have to remove the rock and I will be using my topsoil guy to cart it away as we will be bringing in quite a bit of soil so his truck will be getting double duty. The real kicker is I have to pay for delivery of the skid steer since I won't have a trailer big enough to haul one till next spring. I think I will look at this as a learning experience and see how well I do and what I over look and I know something will come up just not sure what yet.

    There are 2 more homes on this street that are interested in the same thing so this might turn out to be a very sweet job.
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    I've been considering getting a harley rake since there are none to rent in my area. I'm curious to know how much the rental is, and if you don't mind, how much you will charge...by the job, day, hour, sq.ft. or what ever. What is your fee to haul the spoils? Do you have a place that takes "fill"? Or will you have to pay to dump? Again, how much?

    Sorry, for so many questions. I have a Kubota 3130 and have been considering a Harley Rake for side work. Will be doing prep only. And finally, what would the price difference be between a contractor and a private home owner? Of course any other advice I'm to ignorant to ask for would also be greatly appreciated.

    TIA for any help

  5. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I'll pm you when I get my final numbers but this is a rather good chunk of change so I am taking my time on the bid.
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    My tool rental place charges $10 for trailer with a loader rental. Cheaper than the wear and tear on my trailer.
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    It shouldn't take more than a day to rake all the rocks. It might take a while to load 40-50 yards of rock though, that could take a day as well. We charge $90 an hour for a skid steer with the Harley on it. These pieces are spendy and for us to have spent $7,000 on one, we want to get a return on it. For you just renting a machine, just mark up the rental and add labor then bill it to the customer. The best thing to do is split up this area into sections. You'll windrow to one side with the rake and keep going over the area I'd say at least 3 times but you'll probably pass over it about 5 times to get it totally ready for seed, but this really depends on how many rocks are in the soil, just use your common judgement. Once you have it in piles slap a bucket on the skid and load em up.
  8. JRSlawn

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    Can you just harley rake the yard and be done with no topsoil brought in?
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    I did an acre roky property about 2 years ago with a harley rake, took a whole day. Rental was about 150 for the skid and 150 for the rake.

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