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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by meets1, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. meets1

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    Looking at adding services next summer i am looking at Hydro seeding. Problem I have I would need a bigger tractor to handle the implements. Currently running 2 small boomers - not big enough. I often use another guys boomer which is 33hp but even at that - alittle under power.

    I have been watching youtube and getting ideas. I see alot of guys run skids or track units with these. They also look like they do alot of backing up where to me sight would be hard - where as with a tractor everything is being pulled.

    I have a S205 bobcat wheel machine but I bet wheeled machines wouldn't be your first choice? I can always rent some equipment to start with.

    Do any of you guys do or have these attachments and what are your thoughts? Also what do you guys know about hydro seeding and is it something to consider? IT looks like on the videos that guys just go right thru the existing turf with little to no problems. I spray everything if the area is really weedy, wait 2 weeks, till lightly, put the bushhog on and grade for a while - then all the junk I pull out to the road or side and come back later with truck and skid to haul away - then finally seed.

    No one here does it within a 80-100 miles but now and then I do see it done. Alot of seeding and sodding which we do but it is time to expand the market and just looking at a few ideas?

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    I RUN BOTH SKID and jd4500 for grading
    like the skid for tight areas and the loader for wide open if u have a skid just use it
  3. Sunscaper

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    I have an S205 also and I run an older harley s-6 on it. It works really well. I can't see how tracks would do any better here in Florida at least. I have a hydroseeder for sale if you are interested P.M. me. I wouldn't wate my time spraying weeds if you get a harley. Just rake the area, haul away the debris and spray it. I'm guessing you use fescue, and bluegrass coll season grasses where you are at. Just remember to be sure that the customers water your work and don't warranty any germination. People sometimes think that hydroseeding is magical. It is just like regular seeding when it comes to watering. Depending on temperature and conditions you can get cool season grass to pop within 10 days. My record time was 10 dayss from spray to 1st mowing. That was in PA with arm days night and a customer who actually watered daily as we told him. Good luck.
  4. pieperlc

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    I had a park district contact me about regrading and reseeding a ball diamond for them this fall. He said "we'd like it hydroseeded so we can play ball on it next spring." I said good luck with that and stayed away. We were booked for this fall and wouldn't have been able to get it done anyway, but I didn't think i would have been wise to get involved with that. Ten days to first mowing is very impressive!
  5. iowa

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    I've got a harley rake for my skid...looking to sell it if your interested
  6. meets1

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    why ya selling it? Maybe - give me a call.
  7. minimax

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    I'm looking for a used harley rake too,what size is it and how much do you want for it.


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