Harley rake to level established lawn?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Saturn89, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Saturn89

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    I have a 3 acre lawn that mostly has nice thick turf and few weeds but is very rough from 30 years of pocket gophers and moles. It is too rough to level with a roller. I'm thinking a Harley rake might level it. I don't want to completely tear it up and start over. I'm hoping to skim over it taking off the high spots to level it, then roll it if nessecary. I have a slit seeder and could over seed it, especially in some spots that are now somewhat thin. I'd be renting a skid steer and the rake. I've never used a pwer rake before.
    I'm in Wisconsin, the turf is fescue, bluegrass and some perenial rye I think.
    Its been on a good fertilizer program and is irrigated.
    I'd plan to do this in the spring.

    So, is the Harley rake what I need? Does it have a depth adjustment so I can keep it from digging in too deep?
    Any other ideas for me?
  2. ECO Landscaping

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    I've been doing that for years. The harley rake is just the thing to do the job. Don't worry once you get the meachine its ez to figure out and run. Good luck and have fun.
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  3. Saturn89

    Saturn89 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the reply. Does the rake deposit the material from the high spots into the low spots or will I need to drag the lawn afterwards to level it?
  4. ECO Landscaping

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    Yes. it cuts the hi parts and fills in the low parts. Most of time the Harley is all you need. I spread the grass seed after useing the Herley then pull a small drag mat. But if you've got an overseeder which is better.
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  5. Saturn89

    Saturn89 LawnSite Member
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    Thank you ECO L.
  6. rcreech

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    You will love it! Does an awesome job of leveling. Don't try and go deep...just take off the high spots!

    It will tear it up in places...but just over seed and good to go.

    Harley Rake is the best piece of equipment I own!
  7. Smallaxe

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    Depending on the quality of the existing turf, you may want to level it with some decent topsoill or better yet the compost, in conjunction with the seed. They can use a covering, and the valleys can use some substance.

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