Harley vs Rototilling vs Rotodairon

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Hydro, Jul 15, 2004.

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    I have searched thru past threads and still would like to ask the question. I prepare the soil for seed or sod with a reverse action rototiller and follow up with a pulverizer then hand rake where needed. Everyone around me has gone to a Harley rake due to the speed with which they can prepare a lawn (which is much faster then me). My concern is with soil prep. The Harley only goes about 1" deep, seed requires 1-4" of soil prep for "best performance". Degreed Turf managers that I have talked to do not like the Harley as a single soil prep tool. And yes the Rotodairon sounds like the toll but $15K OUCH! What are your experiences and thoughts.
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    I own a Harley and they are right. It does not get very deep, only working the top 2"-3". What I do is use a box blade and break up the soil down to about 5 or 6". Then I come back with the harley rake to finish the job. The Harley's are good for cleaning up a lot (removing trash, rocks, debris, etc) and leaving the perfect seedbed. But they are not a rotor tiller and will not get that deep. As for the rotodairon, I don't know. But $6500 for the Harley was more than enough for me. I couldn't swallow 15k.
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    I like the harley rake for the finished job but they are right it doesnt go very deep. What I have started doing isrunning my areovator over the area after the harley to break the ground up deeper. I have found that by using the harley and then broadcasting the seed and then running over it with the areovator that the seed is covered just under the top of the soil creating better seed to soil contact than just simply broadcasting the seed on top of the ground. The areovator will cover the seed and mix the fertilizer and lime into the soil and seems to promote better seed germination. The areovator has a roller behind it that leaves the soil level and smooth even tho it is fractured about 4 to 6 inches deep. Soil must be fairly dry for it to work good tho.
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    Well I had a bunch of companies come and demo machines. The rotodarion won hands down. See my post on rotodarin demo from 2 months ago. It will cost you more now, but will save time in the end. Since it does it all in one pass, not several passes. At least you have a skid loader. In order for me to buy a rotodarion. I need a ASV RC-60, rotodarin, new trailer and new truck(already on order) So I got to spend $75,000 to get it. So that has to wait for now.
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    Anyone have a web site that I can look at a rotodarin?
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  7. kris

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    Thank-you ............
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    i heard through another LCO that the darion is usless, rental place has one, the mechanic said it was ok but not great??
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    I have a rotodairon rdh 60 , it works good for me but in my part of connecticut I can not use it enough to keep it, It is for sale if interested
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    The replies about the working depth of the Harleys is interesting. I have gotten sustained cleared depths exceeding 5". Due to the poor soil structure I usually work in, it wasn't easy on the tractor, me or the Harley - yet I do it often.
    I have an original T-5 for my Massey compact tractor and that implement has paid for it self repeatedly.
    Admittedly, I haven't tried a rotodirion(?) yet after being involved with the construction of golf courses here in the states and asia, I can state for me, I haven't found a 3point implement that works better. Particularly when cost vs performance is factored in.
    PM me if you want for more details.

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