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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by RasterBlaster, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. RasterBlaster

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    First off, this is a great site and thanks to everyone who contributes. My question is:

    Does anyone have any experience using Harmony Products? I think their claim to fame is that they manufacture "Bridge Products'. Ferts with organic matter (composted poultry manure) with added methylene urea. They are out of VA somwhere.

    I'm interested because you can add organic matter (50-70%) and possibly still get decent green up.
  3. turfcrazy

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    great product....a little smelly but still great....used it @ the golf coarse and by the next year everyone around was using it....we used it on greens, tees, and the rough. no burn/ once we put it on the bunker faces super thick(by hand) it was so green and stayed around for 2 months...
    i subcontract for another guy and used it on his yards... his workers hated to see me...
    i used 8-8-8 w/2-4% fe

    bottom line great product w/ green up that last w/ no burn..
    but it is $
  4. Comanski

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    I have used Harmony 6-2-12 on golf course greens and tees and really liked it. I think they were the first to combine organic and sythetic N but you can now find many other companies that do this. I think Lesco has a fert that is half synthetic and half Sustane organic. Earthworks and Nature Safe also but I don't think you will beat Harmony's price.
  5. Enviro Green

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    I was convinced to try harmony this year on all of my lawns during the summer, and although I was a bit nervous, I used thier 7-2-7 with 4% iron. I had great results and the greenest lawns around all while selling an organic application, although it si not completely organic and I don't sell it as such. I only used about .5# N per K, and the smell is something to get used to, but you don't smell it on the lawn unless you apply 1+ lbs N per K.

    It will be a part of our program next year, but ehHarmony folks went bankrupt and moved thier plant from VA to NC, and who knows what is going to happen. We are looking at a new source for an organic product this coming season, simialr to harmony but bout 15% cheaper.

    oH YEAH, and watch out for the feathers to clog your spreader!

  6. trying 2b organic

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    Milorganite ! works great, is same price as harmoney but its 100 % organic and u can sell it as such. remember, u can sell your bridge product as "organic-based" . If people think its gross remind them that it is certified organic and approved for Food crops. its 8-2-0. with 4% so mix in potash or do a couple apps with Milorganite and a couple with another organic that has K or a bridge product with lots of K.

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