Harness liquid versus Urea

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Turf66, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Turf66

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    I would like to find out if anyone has tried a product called Harness in place of Urea in your lawn program, and if so what are your thoughts and experiences with this product. Thanks
  2. tremor

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    Who makes it & what is it?
  3. Turf66

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    Its sold through Regal Chemical Company and is marketed to take the place of using Urea during the growth season(30-0-0). It is a liquid yet it is a slow release product with almost no leaching or burning. They claim that you can use it in round 2 mar/apr at a rate of 1.5#per 1000Ft2 and not need it again until late round 4 july. It is an expensive product$$$$ but it will help on those contracts that I also maintain where they wan't green all season and aren;t counting apps. I am willing to try but I would like some feed back. We are going to try to blend into this new product in round 3 may-june at a lesser rate due to the fact that we already have applied Urea in round 2. I will report back at the end of the summer with results and maybe some pictures.:walking:
  4. TurfProSTL

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    Sounds similar to Coron (Helena) and Growth Products.....

    Shop around
  5. ThreeWide

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    Harness is supposedly an upgrade to the Liquigreen product Regal has sold for the past few years. I have not used Harness, but have seen a stand of Fescue treated with it last year. The Fescue did look very good all Spring and Summer last year. Harness is more costly that Liquigreen, which is also based on Nitamin technology.

    I personally use Liquigreen, and it is fantastic in certain situations. It works well on any turf that is not a heavy consumer of N. This means Zoysia, Fescues in the warm season, and Centipede for example. You can use 1/2 lb of N from Liquigreen on Zoysia 3 to 4 times a year and have great turf. It does not work well on Bermuda unless you are using it in conjunction with a more soluble product. You can also apply it without any concerns of burning.

    Harness is indeed targeted to the market that is not selling applications, where the fewer visits the better. It might work well for you with contract situations. If the price seems too steep, look at Liquigreen as well.
  6. GTP

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    I'm using Harness now on Centipede in South GA. This is my first go with it so that I can try to establish it's value for high end customers. I'm batching it with Prodiamine, LiquiGreen for the P and K and a shot of Multigreen for iron and micronutrients App dates are Mid Feb, Mid April, and Mid August. So far, I am getting beautiful greenup and little to no growth. One of Regal's big selling points is a reduction on "growth spikes" that occur after urea based applications. Cuts down on the amount of clippings generated in a season.
  7. Turf66

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    I will be using Harness in rounds 2(mar-Apr) and round4(July) and Multigreen II in round3 (May-June) and Round5(Aug) I will squeeze that multigreen II in for that extra App. on those money rounds$$$ a little green goes a long way. I think this will help offset the cost of the product. I have several Commercial properties that are 10-20 acre properties and they just wan't GREEN and don't care about quantity of apps. I thank you all for your input.:drinkup:
  8. Duekster

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    I am kind of curious at what the typical cost per ac for Multigreen II
  9. teamoneoutdoors

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    I have just started using Harness and look forward to seeing its results.
  10. GTP

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    3 apps of Multigreen II is about $70/acre annually. I sprayed Multigreen II and Maxigreen and it seems like the Maxigreen is greening up a little nicer.

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