has any body ever built one

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Infinity Landscapes Inc, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Infinity Landscapes  Inc

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    I need help with a rain curtain. I have drilled the holes in 3/4 copper and looped it. my problem is when I turn it one what ever the direction the water is flowing it pushes the water out to the side instead of straight down. I not sure if i need to add nipples to each hole and has any body ever done this. I would like a close up pic. This is a pic of what i would like it to look like. I will get a pic of my demo as well:usflag:

    Garden Show 2008 036.jpg
  2. mdvaden

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    Never done one, but crossed my mind before.

    Seems that maybe the pressure needs to be low enough so the water drips out and is not really pushed out. Pushed just enough to drip that is. Pretty hard to drill that perfect for a do it yourself thing.

    Maybe the holes need reaming. Or maybe a small ram needs to slide through the inside to knock the flecks of copper from the hole edge.

    My guess might be a pressure reduction or regulation. Maybe drilling more holes will regulate it more.
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    That looks slick, I like the idea. Wish I could help.
  4. BrandonV

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    you need nozzles
  5. amscapes03

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  6. just pondering

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    Try The Great American Waterfall Company they sell everything you need for the rain curtain we use them all the time for rain curtains sheer desents.look them up at www.gawcinc.com.

    Pondering Waters,LLC
  7. Infinity Landscapes  Inc

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    What kinda of nozzles. I tried to use i/4 drip barbs it worked but then you reduce the flow they leak if pushed in to far. I like the web site but that will cost to much and I need to hide as much as poss. I will hopefully get the pic today. Let me tell you the sound it makes is awsome and at night with night lighting very cool.
    thanks gpeople
  8. Infinity Landscapes  Inc

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    finally had time to do some tweaking before I go ahead and do the final thing . These are just demo so i need to fine tune the spacing and create the basin and planting beds etc

    truck water feature 031.jpg

    truck water feature 032.jpg
  9. Lite4

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    Thats pretty cool, the ones I have done have fed water through both sides of the pipe to evenly distribute the flow upwards and across the main pipe.
  10. gobbles2700

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    This is the way its done in aquariums, also how they balance water pressure in large multiple head showers.

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